Wednesday, 22 June 2011
In what may be a world first, Muslims have turned down some free money from the kuffar in Sweden.

‘Young Muslims in Sweden’ is furious after the Swedish gambling monopoly Svenska Spel insulted the Islamic youth organization by trying to give it millions of euros. The president of the organization, Muhammad Harraki, rejected the money as haram (forbidden) under Islamic Sharia Laws.

Most forms of gambling are forbidden by Islam except for three which were specifically encouraged by the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. Islam allows wagers to be placed on horse and camel races as well as archery competitions but only between participating riders or archers. Spectators are not permitted to gamble.

Each year Svenska Spel, as mandated by the Swedish gambling laws, donates a large portion of its revenues to a wide range of community groups. The Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs receives 66% of its annual budget directly from monies lost by gamblers at traditional and online casino in Sweden.

Muhammad Harraki angrily spoke about the lack of respect shown to Islam by both Svenska Spel and the National Board for Youth Affairs. Mr. Harraki, is demanding that Sweden should include a full time Islamic advisor to be employed at both Svenska Spel and the National Board of Youth Affairs to prevent such insulting gestures from taking place again.

The Young Muslims in Sweden organization is also demanding to be reimbursed by the Swedish government with the new ‘gift’ money coming from ‘clean’ sources. The youth organization is also demanding an additional one million extra euros in funding for tolerance classes and workshops on Islam for Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs employees.

Haha! So the Muslims still want the money; they just want it to come from the gubmint instead.



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