Friday, 24 June 2011
For the Mohammedans and their leftist friends, the Not Guilty verdict in the Geert Wilders trial is not the end of the matter. They're planning to appeal the verdict internationally. The Scotsman reports:

Farid Azarkan of the SMN association of Moroccans in the Netherlands said he feared the acquittal could encourage others to repeat Wilders' comments.

"You see that people feel more and more supported in saying that minorities are good for nothing," Mr Azarkan said.


Minorities groups said they would now take the case to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, arguing the ruling meant the Netherlands had failed to protect ethnic minorities from discrimination.

The Dutch News reports:

Lawyer Gerard Spong, one of the first people to accuse Wilders of incitement to hatred was disappointed. ‘We are thinking of going to the European Court. I think Wilders went too far. I was surprised and shocked when he said at the end of the trial that he had meant to be rude and insulting. That is an admission in itself. If he had said that during the trial he would have been convicted. By acquitting him the judges have paved the way to making Muslims second rate citizen.’ Spong called the judge’s comment that Wilders has remained within the context of public debate ‘vague and meaningless’.


The AD writes that the organisations behind Wilders’ prosecution will be turning to the human rights committee of the United Nations. Their lawyer Ties Prakken is quoted as saying that ‘the verdict has damaged the right of minorities to be protected from hatemongering’. One of the organisations, the Beweging to Herstel van het Respect (movement to bring back respect) said: ‘The court has effectively given Wilders permission to turn his threats into action and refuse Muslims to enter the country, forbid the reading of the Koran in the Netherlands and put a stop to building more mosques.’ It has announced it will take the state to court in order to bring about ‘effective measures’ to prevent Wilders from carrying out the alleged threats.


Johnny Rottenborough said...

‘the verdict has damaged the right of minorities to be protected from hatemongering’

Before the Frankfurt School Marxists so addle my brain that I no longer know which way is up, I should like to point out to the learned lawyer that the only hate in town emanates from Islam and that, for the good of our civilization, we have to defeat Allah’s miserable creed.

In a sense, the Wilders case has left me rather depressed. At a time when Europe should be gearing itself up to remove its Muslim populations, we’re still arguing about whether it is acceptable to tell a few home truths about a ‘religion’ that seeks our destruction. And the clock ticks on.

Will said...

Hmmmm.....this was to be expected and i don't expect geert Wilders to win there certainly in view of this latest news:
While the world is watching with bated breath as Greece is slowly burning to the ground, the EUro-slime are preparing a set of legislation that will remove even more powers from our own governments, from ourselves.
One of the points on the agenda:

Finalisation of the EU's takeover of asylum rules. This means that we won't be able to set our own asylum policy.

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