Thursday, 30 June 2011
The French interior minister recently visited Belleville, an area of Paris where not long ago Chinese immigrants staged a demonstration to protest against the levels of violence and crime. A blogger reports:

Walking around, I meet Xavier, around 30, he has been living in Belleville for 10 years. I ask him if he senses growing tension in the district. "It's always tense here, but it's true that it's more tense than normal. The Chinese are more and more mistrustful and I have the impression that they are folding in on themselves," he says. "Withdrawing into communitarianism?" I ask him. "Well, yes, there's a lot of communitarianism here. People don't hang around much together. The Chinese among themselves, the North Africans too, the blacks as well. And it's a shame that the only interaction between communities takes place via attacks. I say it without racism, you know, but it has to be said you never see an African mama having her necklace grabbed. It's always the same people being attacked and the same people doing the attacking. So, inevitably, that creates an image of community tensions and people withdraw into themselves."


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