Thursday, 23 June 2011
Mohammedans in France are outraged about the upcoming Counterjihad conference in Strasbourg. On their sites and, they say that Strasbourg, "which has been the scene of numerous Islamophobic acts and attacks" will play host to "the wildest detractors of Islam". Among these are Geert Wilders, "the frenzied leader of the Dutch far right, who has sworn allegiance to Netanyahu" and the American "pasionaria" Pamela Geller, "who campaigns against the Ground Zero mosque project while leading a crusade against Campbells halal soup".

Contact details for the Strasbourg city council are provided so that Muslims can agitate to try and get the event banned.



johnpkb said...

Good stuff, it's a welcome change to seeing the islamists on the back foot.
Fingers crossed there will be more and more meetings like this that will show that we aren't going sit back and let ourselves be walked all over by these barbarians.

Courage is contagious, just wait and see.

The EDL are off to Tower Hamlets sometime in August and that hopefully will show the true face of Islam in this country.

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