Tuesday, 14 June 2011
More and more we hear stories of European girls who have foolishly allowed themselves to be lured into relationships with Mohammedans then come to grief as the multicult dream collides with reality.

Germany's Bild newspaper today has a story about a German woman who married a Mohammedan doctor from Saudi Arabia. She had a daughter with him and they went to live in Bahrein together. The relationship then broke up and the woman returned to Germany with her daughter. She then foolishly allowed herself to be lured back to Bahrein, however. The Muslim immediately tore up her travelling documents, trapping her in the country. He then boasted that he had sold the girl (then 11 years old) to a 70-year-old Saudi Arabian man. The woman and her daughter fled and went into hiding in Bahrein but they cannot leave the country because they have no travelling documents and the Muslim father has asserted his custody rights through the local legal system so they will be arrested on sight by the authorities.



Anonymous said...

God help us. Where are our Christian SNP voters. Heads in the sand no doubt!

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