Sunday, 26 June 2011
Children aged 11 to 18 growing up under the Coalition government are concerned about immigration, sceptical about the European Union and favour cutting taxes.


The findings of the poll of 2,000 children give an insight into the attitudes of young people, many of whom will have the vote by the time of the next election, planned for 2015.

Asked how various things a Government could do would affect their own chances of achieving their ambitions:

More than half said that cutting immigration would help their chances;

More felt they would gain from a cut in welfare benefits than from a reduction in carbon emissions;

The majority of those who expressed a view said they would do better if Britain withdrew from the EU, yet one in five sees their own future working abroad.



Ralph Lynn said...

From my day today encounters with our youth (part of my work), I would say that there's a straight 50/50 split between midly utopian 'why can't we all get along?' attitudes and rather alarming expressions of hope for a Hitler figure to sort out our enrichment problems.

I leave the 'one world' attitudes unchallenged because I feel they will grow out of it soon enough, but I do tackle the 'fascist solution' ideas. Some choice facts about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the salafist totallahtarian ideas sweeping through the ummah usually set them straight (I hope).

It's more evidence that politics is closed and moribund at best, if not actually clinically dead.

There's an appetite for something patriotic, a latent desire for answers...and nowhere to go.

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