Friday, 10 June 2011
The newly-ennobled 'Lord' Glasman, clutching a 'Blue Labour' agenda, is being touted as Labour's "voice of reason" on immigration, for example in Ed West's Telegraph blog today. But is he really?

It's true that Glasman admitted not only that Labout had "got it wrong" on immigration - a now common formulation that can mean almost anything including that the policy was right but we presented it wrongly - but that Labour had consciously deceived the British people about immigration:

In an interview for the May edition of Progress magazine, he said that under Labour, immigration had become “the big monster that we don’t like to talk about”. He added: “There was no public discussion of immigration and its benefits. In fact there was a very hard rhetoric combined with a very loose policy going on.

“Labour lied to people about the extent of immigration and the extent of illegal immigration and there’s been a massive rupture of trust.”

Sounds good. But consider what he said in an interview with the Times:

Does he back an immigration cap? “We’ve got to engage with a very serious discussion with the EU on the free movement of labour and why that is not a positive good.” The country will have to have a “regularisation of illegal immigrants”. “I don’t think we should be in the mass deportation business. But we’ve now got to say, ‘We’ve got the people. We’re fine with diversity but we have to broker solidarity.’ ”

The country will have to have a regularisation of illegal immigrants? In other words, he supports an amnesty for illegals. And this is the voice of reason within Labour?

If you read his other remarks, it's clear that his vision of a reformed Labour looks a lot like the unreformed Labour + Morris dancing.

There is a great space for Labour to be the patriotic party, to say this is a great country. It’s England — and now we have England back.

He clearly supports superficial concessions to those worried about the loss of English identity. But, at the same time, he expresses nothing but contempt for genuine English patriots:

Calling on “progressive” people to recognise their “responsibility for the generation of far-Right populism,” Lord Glasman suggested that Labour was partly responsible for the rise in organisations such as the English Defence League, which was founded in 2009 and organises street marches against Islamic extremism.

He said: “You consider yourself... so opposed that you don’t want to talk to them, you don’t want to engage with them, you don’t want anybody with views like that anywhere near the party.”


Ralph Lynn said...

Glasman's analysis is compromised by pc and is a scrawny olive branch for us plebs to grasp. He will probably be the only, progressive to get off his silk cushion and still, he can only address us from the window, rending his cheapest shirt.

Are any of them English men? Are any of them loyal custodians of the UK? Pinheads and bubbles all.

It's too little, too late. The point of no return has passed. Edward M. and crew are forever damned.

Marxism only destroys and must be discredited.

All of them deserve ignominy.

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