Wednesday, 29 June 2011
While browsing Johann Hari's website, I typed 'Muslims' into the search field to see what the dishonest little runt had had to say about our mutual friends. An article about the Finsbury Park mosque had some interesting information. It seems that little Johann "studied Islamic philosophy at university".

After 11 September, I was sent by my editor to
insinuate myself into the Finsbury Park mosque and -
if possible - to talk to Abu Hamza. I ended up hanging
around for nearly a week. It is a place notoriously
unfriendly to "infidel" journalists, but I had a few
advantages over the other hacks desperate to find
their way in: I have a vaguely Islamic-sounding name
(in fact, it's Swiss); I studied Islamic philosophy at
university, so I knew more about Muslim politics than
most of the people there; and, because I look about 12
years old, it takes a bit more time for people to
become suspicious of me.

Now we know where the little bastard got his cavalier approach to the truth from. He must have imbibed the concept of 'taqiyya' from his Islamic studies. And as for him looking about 12, he's lucky one of the Mohammedans didn't try to "marry" him on the spot.


Anonymous said...

Leave the fat little lesbian alone!

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