Tuesday, 7 June 2011
In the Guardian today, they've announced that they're introducing a new Guardian Comment Network which will feature news and contributions with partner organisations from around the world. Shockingly, one of the foreign news partners is Today's Zaman, a Turkish newspaper which is part of the creepy Fethullah Gulen network. For those who don't know, the Fethullah Gulen network is a bit like the Moonies or Scientologists, except that it's Islamic and Turkish nationalist. Gulen is a reclusive billionaire who now lives in the USA. He owns many companies, including schools and media publications.

Admittedly, his network is not linked to violence; rather, it pursues the same jihadist goals by other means, through education and the infiltration of state institutions. Many would argue that the Turkish state has been heavily penetrated by the Gulen network. Indeed, a journalist recently wrote a book ('The Imam's Army') saying the Turkish police had been massively infiltrated by Gulen loyalists. The police mounted raids to try and confiscate all copies of the book before it was published. In the USA, the Gulen network owns many schools.

Today's Zaman consistently supports the ruling AKP in its attempt to transform Turkey, marginalising the military, the traditional guardians of secularism, and strengthening the Islamic element in the country. It also supports the AKP's allies. For example, last year when there were anti-regime protests in Iran, the Turkish government sided with the Iranian government rather than the protesters; so, too, did Today's Zaman. The Guardian covered these protests extensively and sympathetically. It is shocking that it is now allying itself with a newspaper that sided with the Iranian regime against the protesters.

Today's Zaman is also a "right-wing" publication. Normally, that would be anathema to the Guardian. But, according to the new thought canon of the left, it seems that when Islam is involved "right-wing" is magically transformed from bad to good. The fact that this strange alliance could occur is a striking illustration of the moral debasement of the European left in its embrace of Islam.

I will make a more extensive post about this on my StopTurkey site later.


Anonymous said...

these "gulen" schools are a propaganda front for islam which is dangerous no matter how it is packaged. muslims do not assimilate into western society because islam is a theocracy and demands supremacy.

the twin fogs of political correctness & ignorance must be dispersed before western society better understands this menace. even a brief review of islamic theology & history quickly exposes the deadly roots of this evil ideology.

see the links in the pdf version below for more accurate info about islam

islam is a horrible ideology for human rights

5 key things about islam

1. mythical beliefs - all religions have these (faith) because its part of being a religion: having beliefs without proof until after the believer dies. the problem is people will believe almost anything.

2. totalitarianism - islam has no seperation of church and state: sharia law governs all. there is no free will in islam: only submission to the will of allah as conveniently determined by the imams who spew vapors to feather their own nests. there are no moderate muslims: they all support sharia law.

3. violence - islam leads the pack of all religions in violent tenets for their ideology & history: having eternal canonical imperatives for supremacy at all costs and calling for violence & intimidation as basic tools to achieve these goals.

4. dishonesty - only islam has dishonesty as a fundamental tenet: this stems from allah speaking to mohamhead & abrogation in the koran which is used to explain how mo's peaceful early life was superseded by his warlord role later.

5. misogyny - present day islam is still rooted in 8th century social ethics: treating females as property of men good only for children, severely limiting their activities, dressing them in shower curtains and worse.

conclusions ??

there really are NO redeeming qualities for this muddled pile of propaganda.

islam is just another fascist totalitarian ideology used by power hungry fanatics on yet another quest for worldwide domination and includes all the usual human rights abuses & suppression of freedoms.

graphics version

1 page pdf version - do file/download 6kb viewer doesn't show fonts well, has better fonts header footer links, great for emailing printing etc

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