Friday, 17 June 2011
The Guardian is still making massive losses and plans to go online only sometime in future.

Chief executive Andrew Miller announced the losses in a series of presentations to the newspapers’ staff in which he admitted the charitable foundation that owns The Guardian and The Observer, the Scott Trust, could run out of cash in three to five years if significant changes are not made.


The Guardian is the enemy of European civilisation. It continues to propagandise for an open-borders immigration policy that is not only extremist but off-the-charts lunatic. It has alienated even its own readership. You only have to read the comments to any of its articles on immigration or Islam to see how estranged many of its traditional readers have become from the deranged pro-jihad, pro-immigration propaganda sheet that the Guardian has become.

Reading it now is like reading a Muslim version of Pravda. You can predict their stance on almost every issue by how it relates to Islam. For example, a strong left-wing defence could have been and was made on behalf of Gbagbo in the recent Ivory Coast conflict. The Guardian would normally have leapt on this kind of thing, but not a word of it was heard there. Why? Because it was a Muslim vs. Kuffar conflict and Gbagbo stood for the kuffar.

After scorning religion for decades, they even now ludicrously try to make it seem cool again, with a regular "Faith" section and religion-related articles. All this is to protect their precious Muslims of course.

Despite its lunatic extremism, and its massive lack of profitability, the Guardian retains its baleful influence on British politics and British life. Let us hope it will soon pass into the wastebin of history where it belongs.


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