Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The confirmed list of speakers at the summit includes Pamela Geller, the popular blogger and columnist who publishes the acclaimed AtlasShrugs.com blog and is the author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and the soon-to-be-released Stop the Islamization of America, A Practical Guide to the Resistance; Robert Spencer, a bestselling author and internationally renowned Islamic expert; the noted activist SIOE Director Anders Gravers; Roberta Moore of the Jewish Division -- EDL; Conny Meier of the German human rights group Pax Europa; frontrunning Bulgarian presidential candidate Pavel Chernev; and others to be announced soon.

The SIOA/SIOE summit will establish a common American/European coalition of free people who are determined to stand for freedom and oppose the advance of Islamic law, Sharia, which is not simply a religious system, but a political system that encompasses every aspect of life; is authoritarian, discriminatory, and repressive; and contradicts Western laws and principles in numerous particulars.

The SIOA/SIOE Strasbourg summit will begin at 1PM with a demonstration at Place de la République, followed by a conference at FEC 17 rue Saint Etienne at 3PM.



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