Thursday, 9 June 2011
"The uncomfortable truth is that, while grass-roots initiatives and local mutualism are to be found flourishing in a great many places, they have been weakened by several decades of cultural fragmentation," Williams writes.


To me, Williams seems almost to embody the deranged compassionism that is destroying European civilisation. As he pursues his wild, leftist projects, the structure of the institution he is supposed to safeguard comes tumbling down around his ears. And he doesn't care.

He is clearly someone intended by nature to be tucked away in an academic niche somewhere, writing papers on how many angels can pirouette on the head of a pin. Instead he has found himself in a practical leadership position for which he is woefully unsuited. It all goes to show how poor leadership for every a brief space of time can throw away what it took hundreds of years to build up. The same process is at work in Europe as a whole.


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