Wednesday, 15 June 2011
Middle East Christians facing 'extremist atrocities' by user7629274

The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that there are extreme forces at work that have turned the Arab Spring into a "very anxious time" for Christians.

Dr Rowan Williams told the BBC that the vacuum left by the end of autocratic regimes was being filled by extremists.

He claimed there had been more killings of Christians and burnings of churches in Egypt than people were aware of.

Life was unsustainable for Christians in northern Iraq, and tensions in Syria were nearing breaking point, he added.

If you look at the individual incidents behind the persecution, nearly all of them can be traced to a violation of the Dhimma Pact, which embodies the constraints of the Sharia law as it relates to infidels. For example, the sharia prohibits non-Muslim men from having relationships with Muslim women or from repairing their churches without permission. Many of the recent tumults in Egypt derive directly from violations of the Sharia of this nature. Yet the Archtraitor fails to take note of this and calls for the introduction of Sharia into Britain!

In an interview with BBC Radio 4's The World at One, Dr Williams said he was "guardedly optimistic" that the political upheavals in the Middle East and North Africa would bring greater democracy to the region.

"In the long term, of course, a real participatory democracy in the region is bound to be in the interests of minorities because good democracies look after minorities," he said.

Sure, archtraitor. Those Muslims majorities used to be Muslim minorities. But fools like you ensured that they were looked after a little too well.

The book "The Legacy of Jihad" quotes an Arab chronicler on the Muslim invasion of Egypt.

The native Copts of Egypt ... were instructed from the very beginning by their bishop of Alexandria to offer no resistance to the invaders ...

So it is because of someone very like the Archtraitor of Canterbury 1300 years ago that the Copts may now be on the verge of vanishing from their own country.

Once the Muslim minorities became Muslim majorities for some reason they didn't feel the need to reciprocate the tolerance and respect that had been shown to them by the dhimwit Christians.

The fate of Britons in future is the fate of the Copts now. They will live as a persecuted minority in their own land unless utopian madmen like the Archtraitor can be wrested from power and people of sound mind are allowed to take charge.



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