Saturday, 11 June 2011

These aren't my words. They are the words of an African diplomat currently serving in Geneva. Serge Boret Bokwango, a member of Congo's permanent mission at the United Nations Office in Geneva, published an open letter in which he expressed himself bluntly on the presence of immigrants in Southern Italy.

Southern Italy doesn't just receive the filth of the north but also that of Africa (African immigrants, street sellers and beggars in the streets).

The Africans I managed to see in Italy, while they sell this, that and the other and prostitute themselves, represent the filth of Africa. These men, beach and street sellers, in no way represent the Africans who live in Africa and who are struggling for the reconstruction and development of their countries. Taking this into account, I wonder why it is that Italy and the other countries of Europe and the Arab states authorise and tolerate the presence of these individuals on their own national soil.

I feel a strong sense of shame and rage faced with these African immigrants who conduct themselves like rats infesting the cities. I also feel a strong sense of shame and rage vis-a-vis the African governments who encourage the departure en masse of their refuse towards Italy, Europe and Arabia.



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