Sunday, 12 June 2011
The poll result is an astonishing testimony to the extent of Mohammedan conquest underway in France. As the Mohammedans have done throughout their history, they sow tension and fear among the nearby infidels through low-level jihad razzias. In the present day, this manifests itself as higher levels of criminal activity in and around Muslim colonies. There are now hundreds of no-go areas in France, called Zones Urbaines Sensibles (Sensitive Urban Zones), where French law no longer prevails.

74% of French people think that crime has increased in recent months. One year ago only 54% said yes to the same question.

57% think that the deployment of the military would be "justified", "taking into account the insecurity existing in certain sensitive districts."

Of course it will come to military on the streets in the end. France is simply ahead of the curve of the rest of the Europe in this respect, because Muslims constitute a larger share of its population.

The French eschewed the policy of state multiculturalism that was favoured in other countries like Britain. They insisted on complete assimilation to French norms and naively believed the Muslims would one day become French. Now they are learning that a Muslim is always, first and foremost, a Muslim.



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