Friday, 24 June 2011
This is totally insane. We are spending £200 million per year on round-the-clock surveillance of 12 Mohammedan terrorists who are considered extremely dangerous but cannot be convicted because of the lack of hard evidence against them.

MI5 and the police will have to spend up to £18 million keeping track of each of the terrorist suspects released under the relaxed control-order system.

The cost is up to ten times higher than the previous system which effectively put those suspected of considering terrorist acts under house arrest.

The new watered-down system allows the 12 people subject to control orders far more freedom as they are only required to be at a designated address overnight.

However, the new system means that up to 60 police officers and MI5 intelligence agents are required to monitor each person. The total costs could reach more than £200 million annually.

The figures have emerged after Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, was cross-examined by senior Labour MPs over the new system.

He said that the estimated cost of enforcing the new control orders was between £11 and £18 million per person, per year.

“An estimate I was given in the past two years was that you would need 60 whole-time equivalents for 24/7 surveillance of an individual, because you have to cover shifts, sickness and the rest of it,” Lord Carlile said.



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