Tuesday, 17 May 2011
According to this Algerian site, her name is supposedly Nafissatou Diallo. She is said to be an immigrant from either Guinea or Senegal. Her family have described her as a "devout Muslim". Wouldn't it be a delicious irony if Marine Le Pen got in next year because of this incident and then turned the heat up on the Muslims?

This fact might also give an interesting twist to some of the conspiracy theories that are starting to circulate. (According to this poll, 57% of the French think DSK was the victim of a plot.) Dominique Strauss-Kahn is partly Jewish. Presumably Muslims would not want the president of France to be Jewish out of fear that he would favour Israeli interests.


Anonymous said...

Impossible for Le Pen to get in now that DSK is knocked out and to be replaced by a weak left candidate - Her best chance was that DSK would run and knock NS out in the 1st round leaving just Le Pen and DSK to choose between.
Now the left's candidate will be knocked out and it will be Le Pen and N.Sarkozy in the final round, which means NS wins.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Sarkozy is weak. He could still be knocked out in the first round.

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