Monday, 30 May 2011
At the weekend there were protests in France against the government's restrictive (sic) immigration policy and anti-immigration rhetoric. Only a few thousand people across the country turned up, mostly immigrants and their descendants as well as leftist nutballs. Still, protest-wise, a few thousand is better than nothing. It does make me curious about why there are no protests against lax immigration policies though. We've seen sizeable protests against

I read newspapers in various languages across the continent. I see them spout the same absurd pro-immigration propaganda. And I see the hostile, contemptuous responses of ordinary people in the comments section. Even hardcore leftist rags like the Guardian or Le Nouvel Observateur are now derisively mocked by their own readership for their Soviet-like propaganda on the topic of immigration. There is no doubt that there are strong currents of anti-immigration outrage running through the populations in virtually every west European country. Words like "betrayal" and "genocide" are used increasingly. Why, therefore, are there no protests? Thousands can be marshalled to protest against austerity measures, student fees, even fairly esoteric subjects like tax evasion that no one really cares much about. But no one protests against an immigration policy that is bankrupting every country in western Europe, one that makes cuts in every other area of public expenditure inevitable and that inspires popular rage throughout the continent? Are we cowed by the morality of our elites? Have we internalised a sense of shame about the wish to preserve our own countries?

The Spanish indignados (15M) movement is perfect example of the left's deep-seated delusions. These clowns started protesting before they even knew what they were protesting about. They worked out a programme afterwards. They had a deep sense of anger at the entire political class. Fair enough. So do I. I was hopeful that demands for restriction on immigration might form part of their programme, once it was eventually drawn up. But no! Their recently issued list of demands calls for abolition of Spain's nationality law, which they call "discriminatory and unjust". In essence, this means they are calling for Open Borders. They have this to say about immigration:

No Nationalities. The 15M movement defends the real equality of all citizens.

Demands a definitive end to the racist police raids on immigrants.

Demands the abolition of internment centres for immigrants and the free circulation of people within the EU.

In essence, it now seems to be a hard-left, communist-style movement. Some of their signs say "No Human Being is Illegal". They are calling for the nationalisations of companies that had been privatised and reduced military spending "because we say no to war." Whether the movement was hard-left to begin with, or whether the leftists moved in and took charge because they were the only ones with a clear programme (like the jihadists in the so-called Arab Spring revolutions) isn't clear. But whatever Counterjihad potential this "indignados" movement ever possessed is now gone. In this light, it has to be considered troubling that it has now spread to France and Greece and seems to be attempting to turn itself into a Europe-wide movement.


Anonymous said...

I had been thinking about how the UK could potentially turn into one, big Northern Ireland at some point, and, as if by magic, El Ingles at 'Gates of Vienna' published a series of articles about just that:

it's very easy to see how this could happen in the UK within 20 years, if things continue unchecked along the path they are now travelling.

Anonymous said...

The reason there aren't protests is simple, fear of being called racist. The dogma of political correctness is stifling any free speech.

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