Monday, 23 May 2011

This map from a Belgian newspaper website shows the strength of Counterjihad/nationalist parties around Europe. The darker areas indicate a stronger Counterjihad/Nationalist political presence. They refer to this, absurdly, as a "brown tide"; of course, in reality, these parties have emerged in response to a brown tide. It would be interesting to see this map compared to a map showing the levels of third-world immigration into each country.

As the map shows, Britain is well behind the curve. We await our Geert Wilders. Spain, too, is absolutely nowhere even though it is being inundated by Mohammedan immigrants. A spontaneous protest movement has recently erupted in Spain; demonstrators are occupying squares around the country, mimicking the actions of the so-called Arab Spring. As yet, this protest movement seems to be embody no more than unfocused anger about the economic situation and unhappiness with the ruling elite. However, efforts are being made to draw up a coherent list of demands. It will be interesting to see whether, when this programme emerges, it says anything about immigration or islamification.


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