Friday, 27 May 2011
BRITISH Eurocrat Baroness Ashton provoked anger last night by pledging an extra £1billion of taxpayers’ cash in overseas aid to north Africa.

The European Union foreign affairs supremo will use the money to promote democracy and civil rights in Egypt, Tunisia and other Middle Eastern countries following the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

But the huge hand-out, which comes on top of £5billion already promised to north Africa and eastern Europe over the next two years, intensified concerns about the growing ambitions of her Brussels diplomatic corps.

Labour peer Baroness Ashton also claimed that few Africans wanted to migrate to Europe, despite the thousands who have found their way to Europe.

“I don’t think most of them do want to get in a boat and come over here. They want to develop their country. That’s where they want to be,” she said.

There are hints some of the money will end up in the hands of open jihadists.
Baroness Ashton promised the extra cash in an overhaul of the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy, which seeks to promote democracy in the southern Mediterranean and on the EU’s eastern border. Much of the cash will be handed to political parties, trade unions and other organisations in the hope that free societies will develop in place of ­dictatorships.



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