Tuesday, 24 May 2011
The Chinese have recently downgraded Britain's credit rating.

Britain is still accumulating public debt at a frightening pace. The latest deficit takes net debt excluding financial interventions to 60.1pc of GDP. Even on the Government’s own assumptions for growth and deficit reduction, we don’t get to the point where debt is falling as a percentage of GDP until the end of the parliament.

It strikes me that the looming bankruptcy of Britain may actually be a good thing. The Muslims are bankrupting every country in Western Europe that they are colonising, which means almost all of them. Their massive benefits dependency, their mastery of the arts of fraud, and the crime and security-related expenditures that their presence inevitably gives rise to, put massive pressure on government budgets in any country that they start to colonise. In Britain, if you factored in every aspect of the economic burden their presence imposes, it would probably come to around £50-100 billion each year. In fact, almost the entirety of Britain's sovereign debt could probably be attributed to the Muslims if a proper accounting was done.

But the Muslims have managed to impose this extraordinary cost burden on us when they are still only a relatively small fraction of the population. As their numbers increase, so too will the expense of maintaining this unproductive segment of the population. In the end, virtually every element of public expenditure - pensions, health and education provision, defence, etc. - will have to be sacrificed to pay the Muslim benefits bill. Indeed, this is what is already happening. But no matter what cuts are made, there is no conceivable way that Britain could afford to maintain the Muslims at the expense of the dhimmi population up until the Muslims reach majority status in the country. National bankruptcy will occur long before that point. This is good as it may be the only way the madness will stop.

If you look at the period of Utopian rule in Eastern Europe, the Communists were able to set up a diabolically effective apparatus designed to crush dissent and prevent a political alternative from emerging; in the west, too, the Utopians have set up a comparable system for marginalising and extinguishing dissent: the media generally don't report facts that conflict with official ideology; when dissidents do emerge, they are either ignored or vilified; and face a battery of sanctions ranging from prosecution to physical assault and murder. It may be that, in the West as in the East, this machine is too powerful to be overcome. Economic collapse may be the only thing that can bring the period of Utopian rule to an end. But this is something to be celebrated. Anything you can do to bring forward the bankruptcy of Britain, you should do: fiddle your taxes, claim benefits you're not entitled to, etc. It may seem immoral and unpatriotic, but the current regime is inflicting genocide on its own people. It has to be brought down.


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