Saturday, 7 May 2011

One of the things that must illustrates the moral gulf between Muslims and the civilised part of the human race is the extent to which they honour dead criminals. I'm not just talking about commemorating jihad heroes like Bin Laden, either; even petty street criminals are honoured to an extent that civilised communities would find astonishing.

There's been a good demonstration of that in Marseilles this week. Two teenage Muslim criminals of immigrant origin tried repeatedly to break into the offices of a security company. An old guy living across the street took a rifle and fired twice into the ground close to them to drive them away. But they just ignored it. He then fired again and hit one of them.

The Muslim criminal did not die right away. But when the emergency services came to try and help him, they were hampered in their work by other Muslims who had gathered in the meantime. These Muslims threw stones at the police and ambulance workers. Eventually the Muslim criminal was taken to a hospital, but died there.

The old man was arrested and charged with murder. He has been held in custody, placed in isolation for his own protection.

Yesterday the Muslims organised a march in honour of the dead Muslim criminal, a 15-year-old called Antoine. 1500 people attended the march, many holding up placards or wearing special T-shirts showing pictures of the criminal and bearing incriptions like "We leave you Antoine" or "We will never forget you."

Is this not astonishing? Among which other people could something like this happen? Among any people with even a basic sense of civilised morality, the response would be a shrug of the shoulders and "he got what he deserved". For Muslims, though, even dead criminals are heroes.

And this isn't an isolated phenomenon in France. I posted once before about how Muslims had waged a firebombing campaign in a French town, burning the local school, to try and get the local mayor to rename a street after a dead Muslim criminal who died while trying to do a wheelie on a stolen motorbike! Many of the Muslim riots which periodically erupt in France are provoked by Muslim criminals being killed in the course of committing their crimes. For example, riots were previously provoked in Lyon when one of a group of Muslim armed robbers was killed by police when trying to make a getaway from a casino he had just robbed! Sometimes the Muslim criminals die in a car accident while trying to evade police. This, too, provokes riots.

Tension has been growing in Marseilles in recent days as a result of the incident. Bursts of Kalashnikov fire have been heard and a grenade was detonated, although no one was hurt. The French Interior minister has sent police reinforcements.

The more I contemplate what is happening in France, the more convinced I am that this has to end in a bloodbath. By this I mean not the specific incident in Marseilles but the general situation in which violent Muslims colonise the country and prey on the indigenous population. And the same may be true for the rest of Western Europe. Even the election of someone like Marine Le Pen I don't think could retrieve the situation. It may take someone much more severe than that.


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