Monday, 30 May 2011
This post is an information resource on Muslim inbreeding. I will add to it over time as new sources of information are discovered.

Muslim Inbreeding

The best single article on Muslim inbreeding and its baneful consequences is the one by Nicolai Sennels, which can be read here. It contains links to many scientific papers.

Cousin Marriage Among Muslims in Britain

Perhaps unexpectedly, the rate of cousin marriage is even higher among Pakistani immigrants to Britain than it is in rural Pakistan. And the present generation of British-born Pakistanis has the highest rate of all. Around a third of the marriages of the immigrant generation were with first cousins, but well over half the marriages of the British-born generation are with first cousins.

A preference for cousin marriage is often put down to religious dogma, but the real reasons are in every sense closer to home. The remarkable preference of British Pakistanis for cousin marriage is largely a consequence of immigration, and more specifically of British immigration regulations. It is very difficult for people to enter Britain unless they are married to people already here. In most cousin marriages, one partner is brought to Britain from Pakistan. Alison Shaw found that 90 per cent of the first-cousin marriages in a sample of British Pakistanis in Oxford involved one spouse who came directly from Pakistan. There are often debts to family members back home, who helped to finance the migration. Above all, there is family loyalty. Roger Ballard points out that if a British-based family refuses a marriage offer from relatives in Pakistan, “they are likely to be charged with having become so anglicised that they have forgotten their most fundamental duties towards their kin”.


Baroness Warsi's Marriage to Her Cousin

While still with her first husband, Naeem, a cousin she met in Pakistan and wed aged 19, Warsi spoke up for arranged marriages, saying, “They have a good statistical chance because the process is a lot more analytical.”


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