Tuesday, 17 May 2011
Ali Dizaei, the Muslim former head of the Black Police Association, who was sentenced to four years in prison last year, has been released on bail pending an appeal against his conviction. Dizaei was charged with framing another Muslim who had built him a website but had been cheated out of payment for it. Now the Muslim who was framed has been convicted of benefit fraud and Dizaei's lawyers are arguing that his involvement in benefit fraud somehow taints the credibility of his testimony, creating grounds for an appeal.

This is totally absurd! Almost every Muslim in the country is involved in benefit fraud. If these grounds form a precedent, Muslim testimony in British courts would effectively become worthless because everything the Muslims say would be undermined by their involvement in fraud. Bizarrely, this would represent an inversion of sharia law, in which the testimony of infidels is held to be less valuable than that of a Muslim.

Dizaei was truly a nasty piece of work, who corruptly abused his power for years while playing the race card against anyone who challenged him. The Guardian was happy to offer him a platform to preach his anti-European hatred.


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