Monday, 16 May 2011
Surreal story from Germany. An 18-year-old Moroccan Muslim has committed a series of crimes to try to get himself deported from Germany back to Morocco. But the German authorities won't give him what he wants. First the Muslim stole stuff from a woman's handbag at a market; then he handed back what he had stolen and waited patiently with her till the police arrived. He explained to them that he had applied for asylum a month before but now just wanted to go home. As he was drunk, they took him to the cell, left him to sober up then just let him go. Not happy with this, he decided he would have to commit even more crimes before they deported him. So he smashed up some bicycles right in front of the police station, in full view of the policemen. He then spent a few more hours in custody and was given a caution. Afterwards, they let him go again. So, just outside of the police station, he picked up stones and threw them at passing cars. In response, the police found accommodation for him in a homeless shelter. They have contacted other authorities to see if anything can be done about him but say it is unlikely he will be deported.

Of course political correctness has caused many countries to refuse to implement voluntary repatriation schemes for third worlders. Enoch Powell used to highlight how many third-world immigrants would write to him explaining that they hadn't taken to life here and wanted to go home but couldn't afford it. Thanks to the influence of the Danish People's Party, Denmark now operates a vigorous voluntary repatriation programme and has got rid of thousands of useless third-worlders in this way. Britain, in fact, still has a number of voluntary repatriation schemes on the statute books but no publicity is given to them because of political correctness.


Via: PI


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