Monday, 16 May 2011
Various interesting bits and bobs of comment or information have emerged about this incident:

DSK rented the $3000 suite for one night despite having an apartment in Manhattan.

It has been said that DSK's "flight" from the hotel, leaving behind his mobile phone, indicated his guilt. In fact, DSK apparently phoned the hotel, saying he had left his mobile phone behind and asked them to arrange for it to be brought to him at the airport. The information that he was at the airport was passed to the police. That is the only reason they knew where to find him.

Apparently the police found scratch marks on DSK's torso.

The maid he supposedly assaulted is a negress, allegedly from Senegal.

The Guardian regrets the fact that DSK's downfall "plays into the hands of the far right". Haha! Yes, it does!

The French politician Bernard Debré (UMP) had some interesting things to say about the incident on his blog:

We need to stop the hypocrisy. It's not the first time DSK has indulged in this type of activity in the hotel. (...) It's happened several times, over several years. Everyone knows about it in the hotel. (...) The management knew about it but up till now didn't dare to say anything. They suppressed all the other incidents.


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