Saturday, 28 May 2011
There has been abundant evidence this week of how gravely free speech about Islam is under threat in Europe.

Geert Wilders, whose hate speech/heresy trial is due to conclude shortly, had been scheduled to speak at an event in Savièse, Switzerland organised by the SVP MP Oskar Freysinger. The room, owned by the town council, had already been booked for the event. But when the council learned that Wilders was due to appear, it cancelled the booking. Its excuse was that it could not guarantee the safety of those participating in the event, apparently because it had received a request from a Muslim organisation to stage a counterprotest on the same day.

Marine Le Pen had also been due to speak at another SVP event in Jura, Switzerland. There, too, however, the event has now been cancelled after threats were received from anarchist and leftist groups.

Thilo Sarrazin, the former German banker who lost his job after writing a book exposing the destructive effects Islamic immigration was having on Germany, appeared at a bookshop event in Aachen this week. The bookshop was surrounded by leftist "anti-racist" extremists who attempted to intimidate those who wanted to attend. They had previously called for a boycott of the event and had plastered hateful posters all over the vicinity. At one point they actually physically stormed the bookshop and police were forced to use tear gas to repel them.

Also in Germany this week, an event intended to honour the memory of the Christian victims of genocide under the Ottoman empire in the early 20th century was cancelled by the University of Stuttgart, reportedly in response to pressure from "Turks in Berlin".

German police actually discovered a cache of bomb material among a group of "Antifa" leftists who had been planning to attack a ministerial meeting. Does this make the headlines or lead to a widespread crackdown? Of course not. But you can be sure it would have been a media sensation if an anti-Islamic group had been responsible.

All across the continent, those who insist on telling the unvarnished truth about Islam face pressure, violence and intimidation from the Muslims, their leftist allies and their collaborators in government. How much longer will the people of Europe passively submit to it?


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