Friday, 20 May 2011
According to a recent poll, the "far right" (sic) FPO are now the most popular party in Austria. With 29 per cent of voting intentions, it edges marginally ahead of the ruling establishment-left SPO (28 per cent) and significantly ahead of the establishment-right party, the OVP (on 23 per cent). There is also another party, the BVO, formed originally by Jorg Haider as a breakaway from the FPO, that could be considered "far right". It has 5 per cent support in the polls.

Most promisingly of all, the FPO is significantly more popular among young people than it is in the population as a whole. The reasons for this surge in popularity are not far to seek. On the same day that this polling result is reported, Austrian newspapers note that the number of immigrants in Austria is close to the 1-million mark, in a country with a total population of around 8.5 million.


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