Saturday, 14 May 2011

"Y’en a marre des bougnoules!" (Enough wogs!) These are the words that greeted Jeannette Bougrab, the French Secretary of State for Youth and Communities at a meeting of the Strasbourg branch of the UMP, the main right-wing party in France. Feelings were running high in the room following discussion of the fact that there had been no money locally to repair the cathedral yet public money was being spent on a new mosque. When the remarks were shouted, about one third of those present are said to have indicated their agreement with them. Jeannette Bougrab quickly left the meeting. The local activist, described as "very elderly", was then asked to leave too.

Later, Bougrab said "I am the descendant of harkis [Algerians who fought on the French side during Algeria's war of independence]. All my family has fought for France. I cannot accept these remarks."

The equivalent of this in Britain would be Baroness Warsi being accosted at a local Conservative party meeting with the words "Pakis out!"



F***W*T TW****R said...

A nursery school teacher was having a party
for her last day of teaching and all her
students brought her gifts
The first boy, who's father owned a flower
shop, gave her a wrapped gift
are they flowers she said the boy says "yes
miss how did you know?"
The second boy who's mother owns a
bakery he gives her a wrapped gift
"is it a cake?" the boy replies " yes miss how
did you know?"
the last boy, who's dad owns a off license
gives her a wrapped up box with red liquid
dripping out the teacher says "is it red wine"
the student replies "no miss"
"what is it then" she asks the student replies
"its a puppy"

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