Tuesday, 10 May 2011
BBC exec John Yorke has admitted that Eastenders is a lot more white than the real East End of London.

EastEnders does not offer a realistic portrayal of working-class life and is not as multicultural as the real East End of London, its boss has admitted.

"EastEnders' East End and its version of working-class life are very stylised," John Yorke said.

"It's not realistic in that respect but you look for an emotional truthfulness," he told the Radio Times.

He said the BBC One soap "may be significantly white compared with the real East End".

But he added that it was "considerably more multicultural than it was even five years ago and is easily the most multicultural show on telly now".

The BBC's controller of drama production told the magazine that soaps had to find a balance in their storylines.

"Real life changes much more quickly than representations of it on television," he said.

"Soaps reach a point where they have a really big decision to make - do they stay true to the original vision or do they throw it away and adapt to a changing world?

"My own feeling is that the truth lies somewhere in between."

If Eastenders had been realistic, the long-running series would of course have provided a fascinating historical record as we saw the Cockneys being displaced by aggressive Bangladeshis who then proceeded to take political control over the area. But that would be too much truth for the BBC. Much better to hide from the British people the rapidity with which their country is being demographically conquered by aliens.


Johnny Rottenborough said...

An episode of last season’s Doctor Who was set in England several hundred years in the future but nearly all the people were white. Doctor Who production meeting: ‘Shall we show England as she will be—a Muslim country—or shall we deceive the viewers?’

Anonymous said...

Having visited the East End of london recently, I was horrified by the lack of True British Aboriginals. "Eastenders" should be 90% asian to reflect the etnic make-up of the Eas End.

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