Wednesday, 18 May 2011
Interesting titbits of information about the DSK rape allegations, mostly translated from the website

Nafissatou Diallo, the women DSK allegedly attacked, lives with her 15-year-old daughter in an apartment that is reserved for people who are HIV-positive. Her name is not on the lease, however, so this may be just a typical Muslim scam.

A woman journalist has claimed DSK offered her an interview in return for sex.

An armada of private detectives are said to be hitting the Muslim community of the Bronx, looking for potentially damaging information about the woman.

The crazed left is trying to make capital of the incident:

In France, sexual violence, that's about the Other - the "young person", the Arab or the black. The DSK affair could call all that into question ... : there are rapists and violent people in all social milieux.

France Soir has some interesting information about DSK's past escapades within his own party. One of his friends is quoted as saying the following:

A few months ago, I asked Dominique to go around only when accompanied by two or three bodyguards. He should never be left alone. Not to defend him against an attack, but, let me find the right, non-defamatory words, to prevent my friend from, let's say ... yielding to the complexity of his sexual life.

Interestingly, this is not post facto wisdom. The statement quoted was apparently made three months ago.

France Soir also has information about past "affairs":

According to information from sources close to him [DSK], the victims were several young women, including Socialist Party activists and Beurettes [girls of North African immigrant origin], who, however, had a favourable attitude towards DSK. All of these affairs were settled amicably among the parents of these victims and Socialist Party officials. The latter succeeded, with great difficulty, in calming down these Socialist sympathisers (some of them were armed with axes or knives, according to our source), persuading them not to file a complaint.


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