Thursday, 26 May 2011
I will update this post over time with the names of companies that agitate against the interests of the European people in relation to immigration or Islam, along with proof of their perfidy. It is time to boycott the Jihad and its enablers.


From 23 May, Lush, the ethical cosmetics business will run a week-long campaign for open borders, distribute a broadsheet on immigration produced by the group No One is Illegal (NOII) and stock the inspiring book Open Borders by Teresa Hayter throughout their network of 90 stores in the UK. The campaign itself will kick off with Aaron Barschak and members of NOII attempting to board the Eurostar to Paris armed with nothing more than a must-have ‘World passport’ with the legend, ‘This document confirms that its bearer is a human being, and not an alien’.


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LG, which has marketed televisions with Koranic verses stored inside their electronic memories.

Beko: the company is Turkish.

Daimler: its chief executive called for Turkey to be allowed in to the European Union.


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