Thursday, 19 May 2011

This image consists of two maps. The first shows the incidence of vehicle insurance fraud around the country. The second shows "Asian" (excludes Chinese) population settlement. As you can see, there is a remarkable degree of overlap.

In the first map, the dark areas are those where the incidence of fraud is the greatest.

In the second map, the dark areas are those where the concentration of "Asians" is the greatest.

The source of the vehicle insurance fraud map is here.

The source of the Asian colonisation map is here.


Anonymous said...

The maps are not convincing. What would really be convincing is the correlation coefficient - ask any math/probability/statistics person. Alternatively, and needing no calculation at all, you might set up a graph: for each area you mark a point with x-coordinate = proportion of 'asians' and y coordinate = incidence of vehicle insurance fraud. Then it will be immediately visible if these two factors are linked or not.
Sorry, I tend to believe you, but I am a scientist and I need positive evidence!

Ariel Eckblad said...

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