Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In recent weeks, Britain has been experiencing its worst-ever outbreak of forest fires. As the Telegraph reported it:

Hundreds of firefighters have spent most of the past week tackling forest fires which have left vast areas of blackened land in many parts of the UK and surprised experts with their scale and intensity.

This post on the CommonSense blog speculates that the fires are being started by Mohammedans as part of the global jihad and cites evidence that the deliberate starting of forest fires has been promoted as a jihad tactic. The Independent reports:

It is believed most of the fires, which have caused widespread damage to scenic beauty spots and conservation areas, were started deliberately.

Some "youths" have been arrested in connection with the fires but neither their names nor their religious inclinations have been published. It's at least worth considering that this is part of the global jihad but, given that some of the fires have started in places like Northern Ireland and the North of Scotland where the Mohammedan quotient is low, it strikes me as unlikely.


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