Wednesday, 11 May 2011
I've posted here twice about how some of the African savages currently making their way across to Europe in boats seem to be systematically drowning women and girls who find themselves on the boat with them. Previously, it seemed, and certainly in some instances it has been specifically reported, that the women were being thrown over to lighten the load on overcrowded boats. But the latest incident, which I had posted about before, has now been cast in a sinister new light. It seems the Africans were practising a form of human sacrifice!

More detail about this incident has emerged and an official enquiry has now been opened. The savage who reported it is from Ghana. According to the latest information, the female passengers were thrown overboard during a storm. The travellers in the boat were worried that they were going to die and thought that by performing a human sacrifice, they would be able to appease the anger of god or gods. The savage also revealed that women were raped on the boat. Other savages from the same boat have confirmed the account.

The question obviously arises of what magical belief system these savages were practising. According to Wikipedia, the population of Ghana is 69 per cent Christian, 16 per cent Muslim; other religions are present to a lesser extent and many still practice traditional African religions.




Anonymous said...

what! please... first and foremost it is not ok to refer to anyone as 'savages', especially not Africans. You might talk about PC bullshit but it has nothing to do with that, it is just downright offensive and a complete misunderstanding of the culture. Secondly, get your facts straight on 'traditional African religions', human sacrifice ended centuries ago, around the same time as Europeans stopped sacrificing 'witches'. Thirdly, nobody believes it is 'magic' in the same way that nobody believes Christianity is magic. It is simply a belief system and a valid one at that. Don't be so arrogant and patronising. Fourthly, don't speak of Africans as though they are creatures from a different planet. We are all part of the human race. Fifthly, Africa is not a country, please do not refer to us as 'African', if we are from Ghana, we are Ghanian. Sixthly, and most importantly, this report appears to be complete and utter rubbish. You give the impression of ignorance, misunderstanding and lack of academic integrity. Believe me, my insults could go on.

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