Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The "1001 Muslim Inventions" propaganda operation is touring the world, trying to convince us all that Muslims made some great contribution to world civilisation. The mass media and the political elite seem to be treating these claims very indulgently. In the video, Hillary gives it her personal endorsement. (As an aside, Hillary is looking in pretty bad shape these days, isn't she? The ravages of age are really starting to get to her. She looks more and more like a blowzy bagwoman.)

When looked at closely, however, many of the claims simply evaporate: either the thing was invented outwith Muslim civilisation altogether or it was invented by a non-Muslim (dhimmi) in a Muslim-ruled country.

I visited the 1001 Muslim Inventions website. There I was greeted with a little graphic saying "Meet Al-astrulabi. I was a 10th century scholar who pioneered the development of astrolabes, a medieval device that was the GPS of its day."

A quick visit to Wikipedia is all it takes to debunk this claim:

An early astrolabe was invented in the Hellenistic world in 150 BC...Theon of Alexandria wrote a detailed treatise on the astrolabe, and Lewis (2001) argues that Ptolemy used an astrolabe to make the astronomical observations recorded in the Tetrabiblos.

Astrolabes continued in use in the Greek-speaking world throughout the Byzantine period. About 550 AD the Christian philosopher John Philoponus wrote a treatise on the astrolabe in Greek, which is the earliest extant Greek treatise on the instrument.

Muslims learned about astrolabes from translations of Greek texts.

In other words, the claim that Muslims invented astrolabes is just another Muslim lie. In fact, astrolabes had been in use for more than a thousand years before the Muslims claim they invented them! And, remember, I picked this one of the supposed 1001 Muslim inventions completely at random. I have no doubt that the vast majority of these claims would turn out to be similarly unfounded.

Yet this well-funded propaganda is touring the world. Classes of schoolchildren are being taken to it and the children force-fed these lies. Even politicians are being brainwashed further, as if they needed to be:

The previous exhibition graced the UK Houses of Parliament (in October 2008), which was exclusively for Ministers, Peers, MPs and parliamentary staff. In addition, the previous exhibition was displayed at the European Parliament and at the United Nations in New York.

It seems the whole idea for this propaganda stunt was dreamed up by a British organisation, although the word British should probably be in quotation marks. The Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) is a fairly innocuous, neutral-sounding name, but any thoughts of neutrality or academic objectivity quickly evaporate when you see on its website the admission that it is "dedicated to researching and popularising the history of pre-Renaissance civilisations, especially the Muslim civilisation, that have had an impact upon the scientific, technological and cultural heritage of our modern world."

It propagates the Andalus golden age myth:

During the golden age, the Muslim World achieved a harmony between Muslims and non-Muslims that included the joint efforts of men and women who worked together to build a better society. There were many Christian, Jewish, and Sabean scholars who contributed to the betterment of life in their societies.

So non-Muslims who were brutalised and systematically humiliated by the Muslims who had conquered their countries lived in "harmony" with them. That is like saying blacks and whites lived in "harmony" in Apartheid-era South Africa simply because neither side fully exterminated the other. The essence of the Andalus myth is that everything would be just fine if only non-Muslims would agree to live under Muslim rule.

The list of trustees makes it clear that this is a Muslim propaganda outfit with a couple of dhimmis roped in to give it credibility:

Professor Salim TS Al-Hassani, Executive Chairman
Professor Mohamed El-Gomati,Vice-Chairman
Mr. Muhammad Hafiz, Trustee
Mr. Zeki Poyraz, Trustee
Mr. Peter Fell, Trustee
Mr. Ian Fenn, Trustee

I really hope this propaganda organisation has not been receiving public money. I can't find any indication of that on their website, but I imagine they've been pocketing dhimmi cash somehow. After all, the technique of getting money from those you attack is the Muslim invention par excellence.


Anonymous said...

I saw this in Istanbul last year on the weekend, coincidentally, when they had the referendum to make the country less democratic, which the stupid turks duly voted for. This exhibition was BS from beginning to end, but was lapped up by the locals, of course. Muslims believe that all science in the west has been stolen from them, and that, consequently, every invention in history has therefore been made my a muslims.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the typo at the end - in a hurry!

Anonymous said...

yawn. grow up

Anonymous said...

Its true that muslim invented because Islamic age is Golden Age and were Islamic civilization expands from Spain to China wich fluorish the knowledge while other europeans stole knowledge specially in Mongol invasion and crusaders. I have done the research paper. Below are some of the things i wrote in research.
The world of Islam begins in the 17th century. At that time the three Great empires were the Ottoman Empire in Asia Minor, the Safavid Empire in Persia, and the Mughal Empire in India. Moreover, it’s not by conquest, military nor dictator rule but it is the time where political events explored. Islamic world has achieved the knowledge of arts and science such as medicine, astronomy, mathematics and philosophy. Also, the Muslim scholars presented the knowledge and discoveries long before in the age 1600 (Robinson 1996).
The Muslim is not just theoretical scientists and scientific thinkers but they contributed numerous inventions to the growth of modern science. At the age of 1600, the medieval Muslims achieved a great success. Likewise, they replaced the old method of Greeks and did experimental method which is at present we called ‘scientific investigation’ (Al Hassani 2008).
According to Prince Charles (1993), he said, “If there is much understanding in the west about nature of Islam, there is also much ignorance about debt our own culture and civilization owe to the Islamic world. The medieval Islamic world is where scholars and men of learning flourished but because we have tended to see Islam as the enemy of the west, as an alien culture, we have tended to ignore or erase its great relevance to our own history”.

Anonymous said...

check this as a proof in the museum. reality not an exhibition.

Anonymous said...

muslims stole all knowledge of Greeks, they aren't nothing more than a bunch of inbred camel fuckers.

Not only from Europeans, also from Persians, Indians and Chinese.

muslims can't create a single constructive thing of their own, not only one.

You are not but a bunch of slavers and rapists, nothing more, the ottoman Empire is the greatest criminal empire of all time.


Anonymous said...

Muslims invented the suicide belt.

Anonymous said...

They didn't invent the belt or the explosives used on it. Their only contribution was breeding the idiots that blow themselves up.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be these are a bunch of ignorant people who cant even tie their shoes. The Muslims took things from Romans and Greeks and perfected them,they surpassed were Europeans failed. When the Europeans were using leaches and blood loos to heal sickness, the Muslims world had real medicine. Get for real and dont be such a racial hater people.

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