Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I've just been hired to translate some election material for the German Socialist (SPD) party, one of the original vehicles for Marxist ideology. Should I have declined it on moral grounds? Should I inject a little extra truth into the text? No one would notice if I added a couple of extra sentences about "our continued strong support for the global jihad", would they?

The "1001 Muslim Inventions" propaganda operation is touring the world, trying to convince us all that Muslims made some great contribution to world civilisation. The mass media and the political elite seem to be treating these claims very indulgently. In the video, Hillary gives it her personal endorsement. (As an aside, Hillary is looking in pretty bad shape these days, isn't she? The ravages of age are really starting to get to her. She looks more and more like a blowzy bagwoman.)

When looked at closely, however, many of the claims simply evaporate: either the thing was invented outwith Muslim civilisation altogether or it was invented by a non-Muslim (dhimmi) in a Muslim-ruled country.

I visited the 1001 Muslim Inventions website. There I was greeted with a little graphic saying "Meet Al-astrulabi. I was a 10th century scholar who pioneered the development of astrolabes, a medieval device that was the GPS of its day."

A quick visit to Wikipedia is all it takes to debunk this claim:

An early astrolabe was invented in the Hellenistic world in 150 BC...Theon of Alexandria wrote a detailed treatise on the astrolabe, and Lewis (2001) argues that Ptolemy used an astrolabe to make the astronomical observations recorded in the Tetrabiblos.

Astrolabes continued in use in the Greek-speaking world throughout the Byzantine period. About 550 AD the Christian philosopher John Philoponus wrote a treatise on the astrolabe in Greek, which is the earliest extant Greek treatise on the instrument.

Muslims learned about astrolabes from translations of Greek texts.

In other words, the claim that Muslims invented astrolabes is just another Muslim lie. In fact, astrolabes had been in use for more than a thousand years before the Muslims claim they invented them! And, remember, I picked this one of the supposed 1001 Muslim inventions completely at random. I have no doubt that the vast majority of these claims would turn out to be similarly unfounded.

Yet this well-funded propaganda is touring the world. Classes of schoolchildren are being taken to it and the children force-fed these lies. Even politicians are being brainwashed further, as if they needed to be:

The previous exhibition graced the UK Houses of Parliament (in October 2008), which was exclusively for Ministers, Peers, MPs and parliamentary staff. In addition, the previous exhibition was displayed at the European Parliament and at the United Nations in New York.

It seems the whole idea for this propaganda stunt was dreamed up by a British organisation, although the word British should probably be in quotation marks. The Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) is a fairly innocuous, neutral-sounding name, but any thoughts of neutrality or academic objectivity quickly evaporate when you see on its website the admission that it is "dedicated to researching and popularising the history of pre-Renaissance civilisations, especially the Muslim civilisation, that have had an impact upon the scientific, technological and cultural heritage of our modern world."

It propagates the Andalus golden age myth:

During the golden age, the Muslim World achieved a harmony between Muslims and non-Muslims that included the joint efforts of men and women who worked together to build a better society. There were many Christian, Jewish, and Sabean scholars who contributed to the betterment of life in their societies.

So non-Muslims who were brutalised and systematically humiliated by the Muslims who had conquered their countries lived in "harmony" with them. That is like saying blacks and whites lived in "harmony" in Apartheid-era South Africa simply because neither side fully exterminated the other. The essence of the Andalus myth is that everything would be just fine if only non-Muslims would agree to live under Muslim rule.

The list of trustees makes it clear that this is a Muslim propaganda outfit with a couple of dhimmis roped in to give it credibility:

Professor Salim TS Al-Hassani, Executive Chairman
Professor Mohamed El-Gomati,Vice-Chairman
Mr. Muhammad Hafiz, Trustee
Mr. Zeki Poyraz, Trustee
Mr. Peter Fell, Trustee
Mr. Ian Fenn, Trustee

I really hope this propaganda organisation has not been receiving public money. I can't find any indication of that on their website, but I imagine they've been pocketing dhimmi cash somehow. After all, the technique of getting money from those you attack is the Muslim invention par excellence.
Fouad Belkacem, leader of the group Sharia4Belgium, which is affiliated with Anjem Choudhary's Sharia4UK, has been indicted in Antwerp for incitement to racial hatred. The charges relate to remarks he made about homosexuality, the supremacy of Muslims and the death of Marie-Rose Morel, a former Miss Flanders who became a Vlaams Belang politician, before dying of cancer this year at the age of 38. Belkacem said her death was divine punishment.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that 45.5% of the pupils in Antwerp's primary schools are classed as Mohammedans. This has risen by 12% from the 2007/2008 school year.
Monday, 30 May 2011
At the weekend there were protests in France against the government's restrictive (sic) immigration policy and anti-immigration rhetoric. Only a few thousand people across the country turned up, mostly immigrants and their descendants as well as leftist nutballs. Still, protest-wise, a few thousand is better than nothing. It does make me curious about why there are no protests against lax immigration policies though. We've seen sizeable protests against

I read newspapers in various languages across the continent. I see them spout the same absurd pro-immigration propaganda. And I see the hostile, contemptuous responses of ordinary people in the comments section. Even hardcore leftist rags like the Guardian or Le Nouvel Observateur are now derisively mocked by their own readership for their Soviet-like propaganda on the topic of immigration. There is no doubt that there are strong currents of anti-immigration outrage running through the populations in virtually every west European country. Words like "betrayal" and "genocide" are used increasingly. Why, therefore, are there no protests? Thousands can be marshalled to protest against austerity measures, student fees, even fairly esoteric subjects like tax evasion that no one really cares much about. But no one protests against an immigration policy that is bankrupting every country in western Europe, one that makes cuts in every other area of public expenditure inevitable and that inspires popular rage throughout the continent? Are we cowed by the morality of our elites? Have we internalised a sense of shame about the wish to preserve our own countries?

The Spanish indignados (15M) movement is perfect example of the left's deep-seated delusions. These clowns started protesting before they even knew what they were protesting about. They worked out a programme afterwards. They had a deep sense of anger at the entire political class. Fair enough. So do I. I was hopeful that demands for restriction on immigration might form part of their programme, once it was eventually drawn up. But no! Their recently issued list of demands calls for abolition of Spain's nationality law, which they call "discriminatory and unjust". In essence, this means they are calling for Open Borders. They have this to say about immigration:

No Nationalities. The 15M movement defends the real equality of all citizens.

Demands a definitive end to the racist police raids on immigrants.

Demands the abolition of internment centres for immigrants and the free circulation of people within the EU.

In essence, it now seems to be a hard-left, communist-style movement. Some of their signs say "No Human Being is Illegal". They are calling for the nationalisations of companies that had been privatised and reduced military spending "because we say no to war." Whether the movement was hard-left to begin with, or whether the leftists moved in and took charge because they were the only ones with a clear programme (like the jihadists in the so-called Arab Spring revolutions) isn't clear. But whatever Counterjihad potential this "indignados" movement ever possessed is now gone. In this light, it has to be considered troubling that it has now spread to France and Greece and seems to be attempting to turn itself into a Europe-wide movement.
This post is an information resource on Muslim inbreeding. I will add to it over time as new sources of information are discovered.

Muslim Inbreeding

The best single article on Muslim inbreeding and its baneful consequences is the one by Nicolai Sennels, which can be read here. It contains links to many scientific papers.

Cousin Marriage Among Muslims in Britain

Perhaps unexpectedly, the rate of cousin marriage is even higher among Pakistani immigrants to Britain than it is in rural Pakistan. And the present generation of British-born Pakistanis has the highest rate of all. Around a third of the marriages of the immigrant generation were with first cousins, but well over half the marriages of the British-born generation are with first cousins.

A preference for cousin marriage is often put down to religious dogma, but the real reasons are in every sense closer to home. The remarkable preference of British Pakistanis for cousin marriage is largely a consequence of immigration, and more specifically of British immigration regulations. It is very difficult for people to enter Britain unless they are married to people already here. In most cousin marriages, one partner is brought to Britain from Pakistan. Alison Shaw found that 90 per cent of the first-cousin marriages in a sample of British Pakistanis in Oxford involved one spouse who came directly from Pakistan. There are often debts to family members back home, who helped to finance the migration. Above all, there is family loyalty. Roger Ballard points out that if a British-based family refuses a marriage offer from relatives in Pakistan, “they are likely to be charged with having become so anglicised that they have forgotten their most fundamental duties towards their kin”.


Baroness Warsi's Marriage to Her Cousin

While still with her first husband, Naeem, a cousin she met in Pakistan and wed aged 19, Warsi spoke up for arranged marriages, saying, “They have a good statistical chance because the process is a lot more analytical.”
The geneticist said that it was common in the Islamic world for men to marry their nieces and cousins.

He said that Bradford has a particular problem and warned that it could affect the health of children born into these marriages.

Prof Jones, who lectures at University College London, is likely to find himself at the centre of controversy in the wake of the comments.

Similar remarks made by Phil Woolas, a Labour environment minister, in 2008 resulted in calls for him to be sacked from the government.

Prof Jones, who writes for the Telegraph’s science pages, told an audience at the Hay Festival: “There may be some evidence that cousins marrying one another can be harmful.

“It is common in the Islamic world to marry your brother’s daughter, which is actually closer than marrying your cousin.

“We should be concerned about that as there can be a lot of hidden genetic damage. Children are much more likely to get two copies of a damaged gene.”

He added: “Bradford is very inbred. There is a huge amount of cousins marrying each other there.” Research in Bradford has found that babies born to Pakistani women are twice as likely to die in their first year as babies born to white mothers, with genetic problems linked to inbreeding identified as a “significant” cause.

Studies have found that within the city, more than 70 per cent of marriages are between relations, with more than half involving first cousins.

Separate studies have found that while British Pakistanis make up three per cent of all births, they account for one in three British children born with genetic illnesses. Prof Jones also said that incest was more common than is often realised in every part of society, adding that it had been particular prevalent among royalty and suggested it is still ­continuing.


For perspective, Jones is one of the bien-pensant scientists who signed a letter of protest against the Pope's visit last year. He also had this to say about "islamophobia" and racism:

On the BBC World Service, Professor Jones declared that “races are really in the eye of the beholder” and not necessarily a biological reality. As a result, the term Islamophobia suggests that the trait held in common by the people deserving discrimination and exclusion is their religious affiliation rather than their skin color or physiology, and thus we could term Islamophobia a clear form of “cultural racism.”
Sunday, 29 May 2011

The BNP also commemorated Charlene Downes on the same day as the EDL demo, but separately.
This page allows you to find nearby mosques. You may be surprised at how many of these centres of evil are close to you.

H/T: Paolo on the DT blogs
The Swiss People's Party is to attempt to organise a Switzerland-wide referendum on immigration. The referendum will call for quotas and selectivity in the admission of immigrants. If implemented, the proposals would undermine Switzerland's agreement with the European Union.

To call the referendum, the SVP needs to collect a certain number of signatures, which it will almost certainly be able to do. There is a good chance this referendum will succeed, ushering in a new crisis for the European Union.

As we saw already in the minaret ban, Switzerland's referendum-based direct democracy gives its people a greater opportunity to stand up to their deranged political elite.

In the Crimea, in the Ukraine, a 19-year-old girl called Jekaterina Koren was stoned to death by three savage Wahhabi Muslims, at least one of whom was an ethnic Slav who had converted to Islam. One of the three has so far been arrested. The Mohammedan said he felt some sympathy with her but she had violated Sharia law. The incident took place close to the village Sowjetskij.


In Austria, the Graz state prosecutor has filed charges against the FPO (Freedom Party of Austria) politician, Gerhard Kurzmann, for incitement to hatred. The case relates to the Flash game "Moschee baba" (Bye Bye Mosque) that was published on a political website during the Austrian regional elections last year. In the game, players try to stop mosques and minarets from taking over the landscape.

When the game ends the text reads:

Game Over. The Steiermark [part of Austria] is full of mosques and minarets. So this doesn't happen, vote for Gerhard Kurzmann and the FPO on 26 November.

The original website that featured the game was shut down but it can still be found here. There is also a Germanised version of it here.
Saturday, 28 May 2011
There has been abundant evidence this week of how gravely free speech about Islam is under threat in Europe.

Geert Wilders, whose hate speech/heresy trial is due to conclude shortly, had been scheduled to speak at an event in Savièse, Switzerland organised by the SVP MP Oskar Freysinger. The room, owned by the town council, had already been booked for the event. But when the council learned that Wilders was due to appear, it cancelled the booking. Its excuse was that it could not guarantee the safety of those participating in the event, apparently because it had received a request from a Muslim organisation to stage a counterprotest on the same day.

Marine Le Pen had also been due to speak at another SVP event in Jura, Switzerland. There, too, however, the event has now been cancelled after threats were received from anarchist and leftist groups.

Thilo Sarrazin, the former German banker who lost his job after writing a book exposing the destructive effects Islamic immigration was having on Germany, appeared at a bookshop event in Aachen this week. The bookshop was surrounded by leftist "anti-racist" extremists who attempted to intimidate those who wanted to attend. They had previously called for a boycott of the event and had plastered hateful posters all over the vicinity. At one point they actually physically stormed the bookshop and police were forced to use tear gas to repel them.

Also in Germany this week, an event intended to honour the memory of the Christian victims of genocide under the Ottoman empire in the early 20th century was cancelled by the University of Stuttgart, reportedly in response to pressure from "Turks in Berlin".

German police actually discovered a cache of bomb material among a group of "Antifa" leftists who had been planning to attack a ministerial meeting. Does this make the headlines or lead to a widespread crackdown? Of course not. But you can be sure it would have been a media sensation if an anti-Islamic group had been responsible.

All across the continent, those who insist on telling the unvarnished truth about Islam face pressure, violence and intimidation from the Muslims, their leftist allies and their collaborators in government. How much longer will the people of Europe passively submit to it?
A few weeks ago, I crossed the road outside Sainsbury's in Whitechapel. Glued to the lamp-post was a rainbow poster, with a cross through it, decorated with the words "Gay Free Zone" and "Fear Allah". I felt sick.

Read the rest of the article here.
Friday, 27 May 2011
The strikingly inept Baroness Ashton promised another bill for the Muslims yesterday on top of the 5 bill that was already heading their way. Today a grinning Sarko raises Baroness Ashton to 40 bill of G8 money. Since most of the G8 countries are European, you can be sure most of the money is coming from us. What is wrong with these people? Europe is in the middle of a spreading debt crisis. Greece is the one most desperately in the throes of it, but many other countries could shortly find themselves engulfed in serious doubts about their creditworthiness. How can our deranged elites think that we are in a position to go around the world handing out money to unworthy Muslims?
BRITISH Eurocrat Baroness Ashton provoked anger last night by pledging an extra £1billion of taxpayers’ cash in overseas aid to north Africa.

The European Union foreign affairs supremo will use the money to promote democracy and civil rights in Egypt, Tunisia and other Middle Eastern countries following the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

But the huge hand-out, which comes on top of £5billion already promised to north Africa and eastern Europe over the next two years, intensified concerns about the growing ambitions of her Brussels diplomatic corps.

Labour peer Baroness Ashton also claimed that few Africans wanted to migrate to Europe, despite the thousands who have found their way to Europe.

“I don’t think most of them do want to get in a boat and come over here. They want to develop their country. That’s where they want to be,” she said.

There are hints some of the money will end up in the hands of open jihadists.
Baroness Ashton promised the extra cash in an overhaul of the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy, which seeks to promote democracy in the southern Mediterranean and on the EU’s eastern border. Much of the cash will be handed to political parties, trade unions and other organisations in the hope that free societies will develop in place of ­dictatorships.

Thursday, 26 May 2011
According to a German committee of experts, in 2010 only 14.8% of immigrants who should have been removed from Germany actually left the country. And only 5.7% were deported. The others, presumably, left of their own accord. The category of those who should have been removed would include such people as rejected asylum seekers and foreign criminals due to be deported.

The report from the committee of experts accused politicians of lacking the will to see the deportations through and claimed that they allowed themselves to be influenced unduly by various lobby groups agitating on behalf of the foreigners.

Source: Der Spiegel
Last year some 242,000 more people moved to the UK than left, after numbers leapt by around 45 per cent in just a year.

David Cameron has pledged to cut net immigration to the “tens of thousands” but the latest official figures show an upward trend in continuing instead.


The quarterly review of immigration statistics also revealed the number of people granted settlement has increased by four per cent and asylum claims are up 11 per cent.

...It is the fifth consecutive rise in net immigration, based on quarterly figures, over the last two years.

The Kosovo war was the first international political event I can remember becoming really passionate about. It was in the pre-blog era but I participated in intensive discussions about it on Usenet forums. There was a kind of verbal cyber-war going on alongside the conflict on the ground (or in the air). I favoured the Kosovar side and developed a deep loathing of all things Serb, including Milosevic and Ratko Mladic.

I would once - and not so long ago either - have rejoiced about the capture of Mladic, which has just been announced. But today I feel strangely unmoved. My political thought has matured over the years and I now see those events in the context of the global jihad and the supremacist yearning that lies at the heart of Islam. In some of the debates I participated in at the time, I recall a few dissident voices mentioning the extraordinarily disproportionate involvement of Albanians in organised crime, but I screened those out; or the Islam factor, but I dismissed that as the ravings of (mostly American) Christian extremists.

Now, however, it seems to me that the fate of the Serbs in Kosovo prefigures in microcosm the fate of the people of Europe as a whole. Within the course of a century, the Muslims bred the Serbs out of their own country, their historic homeland. And the same processes are underway throughout the rest of the continent now, at least its western half. Like the Serbs, we are confronted with a demographic jihad.

In contemplating the scale of the challenge we face, and in particular the misplaced compassion that has brought us to this point, I have also concluded that we must abandon our conventional moral precepts insofar as they constrain us from taking the action necessary to preserve our way of life. In my view, there is literally nothing we should not be willing to do.

So, in the course of just over a decade I have gone from deeply loathing Ratko Mladic to, effectively, becoming him.
I will update this post over time with the names of companies that agitate against the interests of the European people in relation to immigration or Islam, along with proof of their perfidy. It is time to boycott the Jihad and its enablers.


From 23 May, Lush, the ethical cosmetics business will run a week-long campaign for open borders, distribute a broadsheet on immigration produced by the group No One is Illegal (NOII) and stock the inspiring book Open Borders by Teresa Hayter throughout their network of 90 stores in the UK. The campaign itself will kick off with Aaron Barschak and members of NOII attempting to board the Eurostar to Paris armed with nothing more than a must-have ‘World passport’ with the legend, ‘This document confirms that its bearer is a human being, and not an alien’.


Related Guardian article here

LG, which has marketed televisions with Koranic verses stored inside their electronic memories.

Beko: the company is Turkish.

Daimler: its chief executive called for Turkey to be allowed in to the European Union.
No word is as expressive of contempt Europe's governing elites (in the worlds of politics and journalism) feel for their own people as "populist". Confronted with the rise of Counterjihad parties around the continent, our rulers have struggled to find an appropriate pejorative term to describe this new challenge to their authority. Ye old standbys "Nazi", "racist", "far-right" were thrown around at first; but their incongruity quickly became apparent faced with parties that support gay rights, freedom of speech, Jews and Israel. "Populist" is the answer our elites have stumbled upon. Having first come into widespread use on the continent, it is now regularly employed in the columns of the Guardian.

Let's look at the Oxford English Dictionary's definition of the word 'populist':

One who seeks to represent the views of the mass of ordinary people.

So our elites think that there is some moral taint attached to seeking to represent the views of the mass of ordinary people. To use the word 'populist' in an electoral context is to confess a contempt for democracy.

I'm going to compile a list here of notable uses of this term by members of the Establishment. I will add to it over time:

"If normal politicians from normal parties – I am not talking about extremist parties – carry out a populist agenda by blaming everything bad on migrants, we are in a very dangerous situation."

Ms. Malström added that we have seen in the past what this can lead to in Europe.

Cecilia Malström, European Commissioner for Migration
She told Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad on Tuesday that the European Commission has begun a dialogue with the right-wing government. Ms Malmström, who was on a visit to the Netherlands, is convinced that existing regulations "offer some scope" to improve the handling of social problems relating to integration.

The Dutch government wants to limit immigration aimed at family reunification, where immigrants are joined by family members who had stayed behind in the home country. The proposed changes, inspired by the anti-Islam, pro-government Freedom Party, require changes in EU rules.

Commissioner Malmström points out that the Netherlands is the only country which is insisting on such changes. "I'm aware it is a major issue in the Netherlands. That's not what I hear in other member states."


PVV leader Geert Wilders says, "I warn Minister Leers that the Freedom Party signed for a whole support agreement and not half an agreement."

The PVV lends parliamentary support to the minority government in exchange for stricter immigration legislation. A separate support agreement stipulating the PVV's demands was drafted alongside the coalition agreement when the coalition was formed last summer.

In this agreement, the Dutch government says it will tighten immigration rules, but to do so it needs support from other European countries. The European Commissioner for Migration Cecilia Malström spoke about the issue with Dutch Immigration Minister Gerd Leers on Wednesday in The Hague.

Ms Malström says other European countries are not demanding the changes the Netherlands wants to see. The Dutch government wants to raise the age to 24 for partners joining spouses in the Netherlands, impose a limit of allowing entrance to one partner per ten years and enforce tighter rules on migrants' income.

According to Mr Wilders, the European Commissioner's opinion is "not relevant". He says, "The support agreement has to be honoured, only then will we support the government and the 18 billion euros in cuts. Let that be clear."

Ms Malström is in the process of drafting a 'green book' with recommendations on family reunion for the European Parliament.

In an interview with Dutch weekly magazine Elsevier, she warned against populism.

"If normal politicians from normal parties – I am not talking about extremist parties – carry out a populist agenda by blaming everything bad on migrants, we are in a very dangerous situation."

Ms. Malström added that we have seen in the past what this can lead to in Europe.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011
This is my own translation of a German newspaper article that was published a few months ago.

How the Far Right Grey Wolves Attract Young Turks


The “Grey Wolves” are gaining ever more influence over Turkish youths in North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW), warn experts. Above all they attract frustrated young men. They disseminate their racist propaganda over the internet – and jeopardise integration.

The Turkish nationalistic organisation, the Grey Wolves, has new premises in Bochum.

The Dahlhausen district of Bochum is well-known as a social flashpoint. Many immigrants live here. Exactly the right terrain for the “Grey Wolves”. A few weeks ago the Turkish right-wing extremists moved their headquarters into a former pub. They visit families, make contacts in mosques and associations. In their recruitment, above all they target young men who are disenchanted with German society. The citizens of Bochum are worried. Some have turned to the city looking for help, but nothing can be done. Although the unwelcome neighbours are monitored by the Agency for the Protection of the Constitution, they have not been banned.

Employees of the Agency for the Protection of the Constitution count around 70 associations of the nationalist movement with more than 2000 members in NRW. There are Grey Wolf association centres in almost every large town. “Their influence on Turkish youth has significantly increased,” says the Bochum educationalist Kemal Bozay, who is familiar with the scene. Particularly in the third generation, the sense of having no prospects is something that is increasingly widespread. “The young people feel excluded from mainstream German society. They are looking for an identity, for a place where they will be acknowledged,” explains Bozay. “The organisation uses that.”

Danger for Integration

The movement’s greeting symbolises a wolf’s head.

The Grey Wolves, also called the Ülkücü movement, lure young people with a generous offering of leisure activities and a sense of community. And then, completely by the way, they will be indoctrinated in courses into the organisation’s racist Turkish cult. The whole thing works according to the principle: we are in here and they are out there. With fatal consequences: “The strengthening of an overblown sense of Turkish national consciousness gives grounds for concern, as this hampers integration of the young people into the living and social circumstances of Germany,” warn NRW’s agents for the protection of the constitution in their most recent report.

The SPD’s regional parliament member, Serdar Yüksel, also speaks of a danger for integration. “This is a huge problem that’s coming towards us. If we don’t counter it, we’ll drive young people in droves into the arms of the Turkish far-right.” The academic Bozay and the politician Yüksel are in agreement: the attack on immigrants by Thilo Sarrazin and the subsequent debate had given the Grey Wolves an additional boost.

Thought comparable to German Neo-Nazis

Even from the families there is mostly very little resistance. “The Turkish associations take children off the streets”, says Cem Sentürk from the Centre for Turkish Studies in Essen. Therefore the parents are completely happy when the young people spend their time in the association centre rather than somewhere else. Particularly as the Turkish right-wingers mostly seem polite and moderate. Major political events have become more rare, says Sentürk. Instead, they have taken up social engagement. That makes it more difficult for the authorities to keep tabs on them. The Grey Wolves have even officially renounced violence.

But the Mr Clean facade is a sham. Behind it hides an ideology that can be loosely compared with German neo-nazi thought: exaggerated nationalism, a leadership cult and the conviction that their own race is superior. There are similarities even in their perceived enemies: the German and Turkish far-right is united in its hatred of Jews and homosexuals. Even the dream of a great empire (reich) exists among the Grey Wolves: it is to be called “Turan” and stretch from Central Asia to the Balkans.

Hate-filled propaganda on the internet

On the internet the Turkish far-right shows its true face. In Videos, chats and blogs Kurds, Jews and other “enemies” are the targets of hate-filled and sometimes highly aggressive propaganda, as a study by the NRW Agency for the Protection of the Constitution shows. In particular, portals like Youtube and Facebook are used in a targeted way. On Facebook there are various group pages, which, however, can only be accessed on a member’s recommendation.

Symbols of the movement are the wolf figure and three white half-moons. The “Grey Wolf” is a figure from the pre-islamic origin myths of the Turkish tribe.

The young people also place many of their own videos on the net. In these they present themselves “as ‘hard men’, who will defend Turkey, if necessary with their lives,” write the agents for the Protection of the Constitution. “The voice of the underground, I’m also called the Grey Wolf. (...) We are as strong as 1000 volts. You want to fight me? You have made a mistake! And for the six in maths I gave my teacher a slap. (...) If you insult my country I will give you a deathblow,” raps a rather fierce voice, while in the background images of Turkish soldiers, flags and other national symbols pass by.

“Problem underestimated”

The verdict of the NRW Agency for Protection of the Constitution: “From this it is clear that, not least through the internet, an Ülkücü youth culture has been created. This youth scene appears to be radicalising further.” Many young people also first come into contact with the ideology of the Grey Wolves via the internet, says Bozay. They then carry this body of thought into clubs and schools. In recent years, teachers had complained recurrently of serious confrontations with ideologically-indoctrinated young people.

But even the adult world is not immune from the Grey Wolves. Warnings are constantly being issued about radical Turks slipping into established German parties. In NRW the German-Turkish forum of the CDU [the mainstream right-wing party in Germany] and, in places, also the SPD [mainstream left-wing party in Germany] have been infiltrated by members of the Grey Wolves, says Yüksel. “They have also succeeded, to a significant extent, in infiltrating the integration councils.”

Due to lack of knowledge, in many parts of German society, the problem is entirely underestimated, says Yüksel. Even in youth work and schools there are no plans to effectively counter the influence of the Grey Wolves, confirms Bozay. “If thousands of Turkish right-wing extremists meet up in the Essen Grugahalle, we’re not worried about it,” says Yüksel. “But if 100 NPD [German far-right party] members stage a march, we immediately organise a counter-demo.”

Muslims in Switzerland are going to try and overturn the minaret ban in the country. If they collect 100,000 signatures another referendum can be held. In total, there are 370,000 Muslims in Switzerland. Hopefully the Swiss will stay strong and face down the Mohammedans if another referendum occurs.


Via: Fdescouche.com
The German news channel NTV is reporting that Geert Wilders is expected to be acquitted of the hate speech/heresy charges that have been laid against him. It says that even the state prosecutors have asked for him to be acquitted, saying his actions were not crimes in the Netherlands and they didn't really want to bring the case anyway but were pressured into it! The prosecutors made the point that because Wilders' statements had been directed against Islam as a system of ideas rather than Muslims as people, they did not constitute punishable offences.

However, given the proven bias of some of the judges in the case, I don't think we can completely rule out the possibility that they will do something crazy and convict him anyway even against the wishes of the state prosecutors.
Tuesday, 24 May 2011
The Chinese have recently downgraded Britain's credit rating.

Britain is still accumulating public debt at a frightening pace. The latest deficit takes net debt excluding financial interventions to 60.1pc of GDP. Even on the Government’s own assumptions for growth and deficit reduction, we don’t get to the point where debt is falling as a percentage of GDP until the end of the parliament.

It strikes me that the looming bankruptcy of Britain may actually be a good thing. The Muslims are bankrupting every country in Western Europe that they are colonising, which means almost all of them. Their massive benefits dependency, their mastery of the arts of fraud, and the crime and security-related expenditures that their presence inevitably gives rise to, put massive pressure on government budgets in any country that they start to colonise. In Britain, if you factored in every aspect of the economic burden their presence imposes, it would probably come to around £50-100 billion each year. In fact, almost the entirety of Britain's sovereign debt could probably be attributed to the Muslims if a proper accounting was done.

But the Muslims have managed to impose this extraordinary cost burden on us when they are still only a relatively small fraction of the population. As their numbers increase, so too will the expense of maintaining this unproductive segment of the population. In the end, virtually every element of public expenditure - pensions, health and education provision, defence, etc. - will have to be sacrificed to pay the Muslim benefits bill. Indeed, this is what is already happening. But no matter what cuts are made, there is no conceivable way that Britain could afford to maintain the Muslims at the expense of the dhimmi population up until the Muslims reach majority status in the country. National bankruptcy will occur long before that point. This is good as it may be the only way the madness will stop.

If you look at the period of Utopian rule in Eastern Europe, the Communists were able to set up a diabolically effective apparatus designed to crush dissent and prevent a political alternative from emerging; in the west, too, the Utopians have set up a comparable system for marginalising and extinguishing dissent: the media generally don't report facts that conflict with official ideology; when dissidents do emerge, they are either ignored or vilified; and face a battery of sanctions ranging from prosecution to physical assault and murder. It may be that, in the West as in the East, this machine is too powerful to be overcome. Economic collapse may be the only thing that can bring the period of Utopian rule to an end. But this is something to be celebrated. Anything you can do to bring forward the bankruptcy of Britain, you should do: fiddle your taxes, claim benefits you're not entitled to, etc. It may seem immoral and unpatriotic, but the current regime is inflicting genocide on its own people. It has to be brought down.

Zülfiye Kaykın, a Turkish-born woman who serves as as State Secretary for Integration in the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia, has been accused of having links with the extremist Turkish nationalist organisation, the Grey Wolves.

In April 2010 a requiem service for Alparslan Türkes was held at the Fatih mosque in Duisburg. At that time, Zülfiye Kaykın was the director of the DITIB social centre which was linked with the mosque. Witnesses claim to have seen Kaykın participate in the ceremony.

Members of the mainstream Turkish community in the state, as well as the Alevi community, have called for the minister's resignation. Even a spokesman of the Turkish government is said to have criticised her. This may be related to intra-Turkish political rivalry. The MHP, the Turkish nationalist party, is the political arm of the Grey Wolves.

The Grey Wolves are a fanatical Turkish nationalist organisation which once formed part of NATO's Gladio network. This consisted of "stay-behind" organisations which were supposed to mount guerilla-style resistance campaigns in the event that their countries were overrun by East bloc armies. Its members have been involved in numerous atrocities and incidents of violence over the years - for example, Mehmet Ali Ağca, the man who shot Pope John Paul II was a member of the Grey Wolves - and are said to have strong links to the Turkish "deep state", Islamic militias in places like Chechnya, Kosovo and Bosnia and Turkish organised crime.

With a growing number of Turkish colonists in Europe, the Grey Wolves are now said to have a significant presence there, particularly in Germany.

Monday, 23 May 2011

I made a post earlier today about the lack of Counterjihad parties in Spain. It looks like I may have spoken too soon. This campaign video from the Catalonian nationalist party "Plataforma per Catalunya" shows obvious concern about the spread of Islam. The party made a breakthrough in the elections on Sunday and will now have dozens of local councillors in various towns and cities, particularly those that have been affected by immigration. Notably, among these is Salt, where people protested in despair about what Mohammedan immigration was doing to their city. (Please watch the Salt video linked if you haven't seen it; it is truly extraordinary.)

Source: Fdesouche.com
On SingleMuslim.com, one of the most popular matrimonial websites used by Muslims surfing to find a partner, users are encouraged to believe they are a few clicks away from reaching their goal of meeting Mr or Mrs Right.

Salma, a divorced single mother in her late 20s used a matrimonial website for a year but has decide to deactivate her account and look at other ways of finding a suitable husband. In one year almost 400 men contacted her online from all over the world to discuss marriage.

"I realised very quickly that men and women were on the website with a shopping list trying to tick as many boxes as they could in as little time as possible and get married," she says. "A lot of men lie about how much money they have and most of the ones I came across claimed to earn in excess of £60,000 a year, but are unable to write a sentence in English. It just didn't make any sense."

Salma discovered some men were already married and looking to find wife number three and four without being upfront about it. "There is no real way of knowing who is genuine and who isn't. I even had some men contact me telling me to be aware of certain men on the website who were known liars. By trying to find a husband this way I felt like I was drawing a straw or trying to pick out a lucky number out of a hat – it felt like an illusion.

The MajorityRights website has news of a novel about a nationalist terrorist group. This is an interesting concept. I have often wondered what the effect on politics would be if nationalist/counterjihadist/anti-European genocide terrorist groups emerged. Enoch Powell once spoke of the "gearing effect" of terrorism:

“The experience of the last decade and more, all round the world, shows that acts of violence, however apparently irrational or inappropriate their targets, precipitate a frenzied search on the part of the society attacked to discover and remedy more and more grievances, real or imaginary, among those from whom the violence is supposed to emanate or on whose behalf it is supposed to be exercised. Those commanding a position of political leverage would then be superhuman if they could refrain from pointing to the acts of terrorism and, while condemning them, declaring that further and faster concessions and grants of privilege are the only means to avoid such acts being repeated on a rising scale. We know that those who thus argue will always find a ready hearing. This is what produces the gearing effect of terrorism in the contemporary world, yielding huge results from acts of violence perpetrated by minimal numbers. It is not, I repeat again and again, that the mass of a particular population are violently or criminally disposed. Far from it; that population soon becomes itself the prisoner of the violence and machinations of an infinitely small minority among it. Just a few thugs, a few shots, a few bombs at the right place and time and that is enough for disproportionate consequences to follow.”

The speech seems particularly prescient as it was delivered in 1977, before jihadist terrorism had emerged as a significant factor in the west. Would Counterjihad terrorism lead politicians to seek accommodation with Europeans who feel that their civilisation is under attack in the same way that Muslim terrorism has led them to appease Muslim sensibilities? Or would they instead go for even harsher repression?

It strikes me that the emergence of counterjihadist/nationalist/pro-European terrorism is probably inevitable in the end. In essence, politics could be regarded as a form of substitute warfare. When people have strong differences of opinion about the way their country should be governed, there are two ways those differences can be resolved: talking or fighting. Of course talking is preferable; but there are now so many laws restricting free speech in Europe that it is no longer possible to have an honest discussion about the gravest threat European civilisation has ever faced: the growth in the size of the Mohammedan demographic which ultimately portends civil war, the end of democracy and the dissolution of our way of life. Moreover, these restrictions on free expression are increasing as are the encroachments of the Muslim "enemies within". A pressure of public anger is building up that will inevitably find expression somehow; if it is banned from the sphere of public discourse, it will go underground and eventually erupt in some more ferocious form. If it does, it will be those who banned free speech who are responsible.

Counterjihad terrorism would, of course, be counterjihad in the most literal sense of the term. It would mean adopting some of the methods of the Muslims to pursue opposite ends.

This map from a Belgian newspaper website shows the strength of Counterjihad/nationalist parties around Europe. The darker areas indicate a stronger Counterjihad/Nationalist political presence. They refer to this, absurdly, as a "brown tide"; of course, in reality, these parties have emerged in response to a brown tide. It would be interesting to see this map compared to a map showing the levels of third-world immigration into each country.

As the map shows, Britain is well behind the curve. We await our Geert Wilders. Spain, too, is absolutely nowhere even though it is being inundated by Mohammedan immigrants. A spontaneous protest movement has recently erupted in Spain; demonstrators are occupying squares around the country, mimicking the actions of the so-called Arab Spring. As yet, this protest movement seems to be embody no more than unfocused anger about the economic situation and unhappiness with the ruling elite. However, efforts are being made to draw up a coherent list of demands. It will be interesting to see whether, when this programme emerges, it says anything about immigration or islamification.
Sunday, 22 May 2011
The French military has been reducing its number of Catholic military chaplains and recruiting Muslim chaplains instead.

At the end of 2010, there were 221 chaplains in the French military: 141.2 Catholics, 32.6 Protestant, 30 Muslim and 17.2 Jewish. (The decimal points indicate part-time service.)

The first Muslim chaplains were recruited in 2006. Within the next five years, the number of Muslims chaplains is expected to grow to between 36 and 38.

The French General Staff claims that the changes in the number of chaplains belonging to particular faiths reflect changes in the religious affiliation of recruits in the military as a whole.


Source: Vladtepes

500 Tunisian savages and their anarchist sympathisers demonstrated in Paris demanding "Liberty" and "Papers for Everyone". The demonstration was dispersed by police and some of the savages were arrested.

Video from Fdesouche.com
Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Telegraph reports that many of the African savages who have come through Lampedusa are now getting ready to enter Britain.

“It is very difficult to get on the train, but I dream of England,” said Mohammed, who arrived in Calais on Tuesday after fleeing the war in Libya, where he was a migrant worker from Chad.

“Maybe I will hide, but I hope to find a way to get there somehow. England is a great country where I can have my human rights.”

Until he can sneak onto a lorry heading for Britain, he is living with up to 400 other migrants in a squalid, chaotic encampment nicknamed 'Africa House’.

In the BBC segment shown above, one of the discussion participants is BNP leader Nick Griffin. He mentions that cross-channel lorry drivers told him that they had been threatened by these would-be African immigrants, who had been demanding passage on their lorries at knife point.

A protest in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, yesterday, led to violence between the indigenous Bulgarians, who were demonstrating against the nuisance caused by the mosque's loudspeaker-relayed call to prayer, and Turkic Muslims who were praying there at the time.

The protest had been organised by the Bulgarian nationalist Ataka party, led by Volen Siderov. Accounts vary about who started the violence, but most of the mainstream press, predictably, is portraying the Muslims as the innocent party.

The Bulgarian Human Rights Commission has even called for the Ataka party to be abolished in response to the incident.

Scuffles broke out after one of the Ataka protesters tried to steer a column towards Muslims taking part in Friday prayers, Bulgarian National Radio said.

Ataka supporters shouted "Ataka","Bulgaria", "Turks out" and "janissaries," eyewitness reports said. Protesters threw stones and bottles at the mosque.

After the brawl broke out, two Ataka supporters were arrested.

Siderov alleged that one of the Muslims had thrown a stone at an Ataka MP, Denitsa Gadzheva, but had not been arrested. Gadzheva and another participant in the protest were taken to hospital by ambulance.

Five police officers and five Muslims were injured, the Interior Ministry said.

Siderov alleged that the police were biased, and called them a "janissary corps", a reference to the Ottoman-era practice of Bulgarians being taken into service of the sultan.

Local news agency Focus said that after the clash at the mosque, Ataka supporters headed towards the Parliament building.

Ivailo Ninov, one of the protest organisers, said that the event had been directed against the use of loudspeakers to sound the call to prayer, and not against Muslims. He said that residents of the area had joined the protest in support.


The Turkish government condemned what it called a "racist attack":

Turkey strongly condemned a racist attack on Friday against people praying in a mosque in neighboring Bulgaria, which is home to some 700,000 ethnic Turks, urging Bulgarian authorities to take the necessary steps to punish the assailants.

A statement released by the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Friday said Turkey expects the Bulgarian authorities to urgently capture and punish the perpetrators of the attack on what it called one of the most basic rights and freedoms of people.

Video from: fdesouche.com
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which was set up to invest western taxpayer's money in the area of the former Soviet Union, will seek permission from its shareholders (mainly the governments of Europe) to extend its operations to the Middle East and North Africa in response to the so-called Arab Spring.

Of course this will result in even more of the hard-pressed European taxpayers' money flowing to Muslims in a modern recreation of the ancient jizya ritual under which dhimmis pay tribute to the Muslims in return for the cessation of Muslim violence against them. Whether it is Muslim colonists within Europe, who receive their jizya through the benefits system, or Muslims outside of Europe, who receive their jizya through the foreign aid system, the principle is the same.

According to Berlin police statistics for the year 2010, immigrants committed around one fifth of all crimes in the city. The involvement of immigrants was especially disproportionate in crimes featuring a high degree of organisation, such as cocaine smuggling (67.2 per cent) or bag-snatching (59.8 per cent).

Of the 471,812 non-German crime suspects in total, 99,500 (21 per cent) came from Turkey, 31,771 from Poland (6.7 per cent), as well as 23,657 (5 per cent) from Italy.

The statistics do not include immigration-related offences or crimes committed by immigrants who now hold German citizenship.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Source: Fdesouche.com
There are now major contingents of Lampedusa-processed Tunisians living on the streets of Paris. While the Paris city government under the leadership of Tunisian-born Betrand Delanoe attempts to play nice with them, some of Paris's third-world inhabitants have proven to be less friendly. You might have thought there would be some sense of solidarity between the swart-skinned colonisers of Europe. But it seems not.

When four Tunisians turned up at a Paris shop and demanded to be given some tins of tuna and other free stuff, its third-world-origin owner made a phone call and a group of ghetto "youths" soon appeared on the scene as dispensers of rough justice. Some of the Tunisians made their escape but one was beaten to death.

Apparently the already-settled third-world denizens of Paris are unhappy about the newly-arrived Tunisians before of the police and media attention they bring to the neighbourhood. The Tunisians face daily threats and violence.

Source: Novopress

Former Labour minister Elliot Morley has been jailed for 16 months after dishonestly claiming £30,000 in parliamentary expenses. He is seen pictured above with some of his friends from the Halal Food Authority.

The judge seemed to curiously praise Morley for the artlessness of his fraud, saying "whereas the money is more, the sophistication of the deceit is less". Morley should have had a word with some of his Muslim friends who could undoubtedly have helped him improve the sophistication of his deceit.
According to a recent poll, the "far right" (sic) FPO are now the most popular party in Austria. With 29 per cent of voting intentions, it edges marginally ahead of the ruling establishment-left SPO (28 per cent) and significantly ahead of the establishment-right party, the OVP (on 23 per cent). There is also another party, the BVO, formed originally by Jorg Haider as a breakaway from the FPO, that could be considered "far right". It has 5 per cent support in the polls.

Most promisingly of all, the FPO is significantly more popular among young people than it is in the population as a whole. The reasons for this surge in popularity are not far to seek. On the same day that this polling result is reported, Austrian newspapers note that the number of immigrants in Austria is close to the 1-million mark, in a country with a total population of around 8.5 million.

Today must be map day. This map shows how brown people are demographically conquering America. All of the countries within an extended European civilisation are committing suicide. It is predicted that America will be majority brown by 2042.
Thursday, 19 May 2011

This image consists of two maps. The first shows the incidence of vehicle insurance fraud around the country. The second shows "Asian" (excludes Chinese) population settlement. As you can see, there is a remarkable degree of overlap.

In the first map, the dark areas are those where the incidence of fraud is the greatest.

In the second map, the dark areas are those where the concentration of "Asians" is the greatest.

The source of the vehicle insurance fraud map is here.

The source of the Asian colonisation map is here.

This map shows the incidence of car crash fraud in Britain. Fraud is at its worst in the "black" areas. Compare it to the one in the previous post showing the extent of Muslim colonisation. Notice any similarities?

This map shows the Muslim colonisation of Britain. The darkest areas are those worst affected by the Mohammedan presence. It is a screenshot captured from the Guardian's interactive map showing the presence of different ethnic minorities throughout the country.

Some caveats are necessary. The data is from 2009, so things will have changed slightly since. It shows only England and Wales. The ethnic category shown is "Britain Asian" so this will include Hindus and Sikhs and not just strictly Muslims; Chinese, however, although Asian, are in a separate category.

It's worth visiting the Guardian site for more information. You can click on the most "gone" places and see what they're called and get detailed figures on the number of colonists there.
Last week an earthquake hit Lorca in Spain. It killed about 10 people but destroyed many homes. The displaced people are now living in emergency camps that have been set up. Food and other necessities are given out to them there.

Large numbers of immigrants (of course most of these will be Mohammedans but the controlled press won't say that) are coming from all over the region, claiming they have been displaced by the earthquake and demanding free stuff.

The Red Cross has been forced to deploy additional security staff to deal with the problems these interlopers are causing and is now asking victims to show ID to prove they are local before giving anything to them.

Spanish victims are actually going hungry because the immigrants are grabbing all the food. And now the Muslims are demanding halal food! Next they'll no doubt be demanding that they get free stuff from the Red Crescent instead of the Red Cross.


Via: La Yihad en Eurabia
The Socialist member of the French parliament, Claude Bartolone, has said that Dominique Strauss-Kahn told him on 29 April that Russia (especially Putin) and France were conspiring to oust him from the IMF before he could announce his candidature for the French presidency.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) said the UK was now the "whiplash capital of Europe", with one out of every 140 people claiming for a whiplash injury each year.

It said the activities of ambulance chasing lawyers and claims management firms, as well as staged "cash for crash" accidents, were driving up the number of claims.

Whiplash occurs when the soft tissue in the spine is stretched and strained following a sudden forceful movement, such as being hit from behind in a car.

But it is often difficult to diagnose, while it is easy to fake or exaggerate, making claims for the injury a target for fraudsters.

Around 1,200 whiplash claims are made in the UK every day, six times more than the number of people who claim for workplace related injuries each year.

Three-quarters of personal injury claims in the UK are for whiplash, the highest level in Europe.

The high level of payouts for personal injuries is contributing to steep increases in insurance premiums, with the cost of motor cover soaring by 40pc during the past year.
The ABI estimates that the cost of whiplash claims adds around 20pc or £74 to motor insurance premiums.

Of course, for reasons of political correctness, the journalist and insurance associations refuse to talk about the real reasons for this: the Muslim presence in Britain. Car crash fraud is overwhelmingly committed by Muslims. Fraud, in all its forms, is one of the two things Muslims are good at; the other is producing more Muslims.

Speaking at the 2011 Whiplash conference in Leeds, James Walton, the ABI's assistant director of motor and liability, said: "Despite the statistics I doubt that the UK has some of the weakest necks in Europe.

"Often difficult to diagnose, easy to fake and exaggerate, whiplash is a fraudster's dream."

The ABI is calling on insurers, doctors and lawyers to form a partnership to help prevent whiplash and to improve its treatment, as well as cracking down on fraudulent claims.

The ABI would be better off calling for a Muslim repatriation programme.

The non-white British population of England and Wales has grown from 6.6 million in 2001 to 9.1 million in 2009 – nearly one in six of the population.

The figures, which give a detailed ethnic breakdown for every one of the 423 local authorities, were published on Wednesday in an "experimental" data release from the Office for National Statistics. They also show there are now almost a million mixed-race people in the two countries.

The white British population has stayed the same since 2001; there has been an increase in births, but there has also been a similar number of people migrating.

The non-white British population has grown by 4.1% a year, adding up to 37.4% growth – 2.5 million – over the whole period.

Add in the two years since then and the "mixed race" people and you've got another 2-3 million. Basically England and Wales have gone from being one tenth brown to one fifth brown in only ten years.

Source: The Guardian
Wednesday, 18 May 2011
The Jap scientist Satoshi Kanazawa has provoked a flurry of controversy by publishing a blog article claiming that black women are less physically attractive than other women and speculating on the reasons for this. Japs are interesting in that they have clearly reached comparable levels of civilisational development to the European world yet are not a part of it. Thus, while European countries (including Europe's colonial offshoots) are busy committing suicide by allowing the mass immigration of non-Europeans, the Japs have sanctioned almost no immigration into their country. The mind virus of political correctness has clearly not been loosed there.

That is clearly one reason why this Japanese scientist talks with a candour that westerners find astonishing. The article about black women was removed from the Psychology Today site after others made a fuss about it, predictably denouncing it as racist. You can read it here if you want. It strikes me as impossible to evaluate with the information provided, as there is no indication of who was responsible for assessing the attractiveness of the various people; in particular there is no indication of what their own genetic origins were, and this could well be a significant influence on their own perception of attractiveness. Of course, in any case, it is absurd to morally rebuke people for spontaneously-made aesthetic judgements or for reporting those judgements. These perceptions are instinctive rather than consciously willed or morally chosen. Not long ago, the Guardian was reprimanding some English band for not showing enough of a "black" influence in their music. Insane!

The Guardian writer asks the absurd question:

Could colonialism or slavery ever have been justified without these and other pseudoscientific claims?

Muslims practised colonialism and slavery for more than 1000 years without advancing any scientific claims to justify it. Their bogus death cult was apparently all the justification they needed. But of course this long tale of imperial exploitation and oppression, vanishing remnants of which can still be seen today in, for example, the persecution of the Copts in Egypt, has essentially been erased from public memory. European imperialism, which generally lasted for around 60-70 years in Africa and 40 or so years in the Middle East, is seen as having created a debt burden of guilt so vast that it can never be paid off; while Islamic imperialism, which lasted far longer, and was far more inherently pernicious, is usually not even acknowledged to have existed; or, where it is acknowledged, is claimed to have been uniquely tolerant and virtuous, as in the "Convivencia" myths about Al-Andalus, Muslim-ruled Spain.

On another occasion, the Jap scientist himself had some interesting things to say about Muslims. You can read his article "What's wrong with Muslims?" here. He makes the point that Muslims see themselves as Muslims before they see themselves as anything else, and this makes them virtually unique in the world. This is one of the reasons why, in my view, when sane governments come to power in future, they should put Muslims into a special category of their own. The nominal nationality of Muslims should be disregarded, and they should instead be treated as citizens of a non-physical country called the Ummah. Of course, citizens from the Ummah should be subject to especially stringent regulations.
Interesting titbits of information about the DSK rape allegations, mostly translated from the website fdesouche.com.

Nafissatou Diallo, the women DSK allegedly attacked, lives with her 15-year-old daughter in an apartment that is reserved for people who are HIV-positive. Her name is not on the lease, however, so this may be just a typical Muslim scam.

A woman journalist has claimed DSK offered her an interview in return for sex.

An armada of private detectives are said to be hitting the Muslim community of the Bronx, looking for potentially damaging information about the woman.

The crazed left is trying to make capital of the incident:

In France, sexual violence, that's about the Other - the "young person", the Arab or the black. The DSK affair could call all that into question ... : there are rapists and violent people in all social milieux.

France Soir has some interesting information about DSK's past escapades within his own party. One of his friends is quoted as saying the following:

A few months ago, I asked Dominique to go around only when accompanied by two or three bodyguards. He should never be left alone. Not to defend him against an attack, but, let me find the right, non-defamatory words, to prevent my friend from, let's say ... yielding to the complexity of his sexual life.

Interestingly, this is not post facto wisdom. The statement quoted was apparently made three months ago.

France Soir also has information about past "affairs":

According to information from sources close to him [DSK], the victims were several young women, including Socialist Party activists and Beurettes [girls of North African immigrant origin], who, however, had a favourable attitude towards DSK. All of these affairs were settled amicably among the parents of these victims and Socialist Party officials. The latter succeeded, with great difficulty, in calming down these Socialist sympathisers (some of them were armed with axes or knives, according to our source), persuading them not to file a complaint.
A majority of the taxi drivers in Brussels are of the Mohammedan persuasion. Because they consider dogs to be "ritually unclean", many Muslim taxi drivers now refuse to accept dogs into their vehicles. While this would be unpleasant for the average dog-owner, for the blind it represents a devastating restriction on their mobility. Highly-trained blind dogs are a vital resource for the visually-impaired. Such people are finding it increasingly difficult to get around in Brussels, thanks to Muslim prejudice.

Although blind dogs are permitted in all public spaces, including public transport and taxis, by law, Mohammedans are apparently able to ignore these legal provisions with impunity. The Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang is highlighting the issue and demanding that licences be withdrawn from taxi drivers who act in this way.

Source: PI
Tuesday, 17 May 2011

This negro, who is originally from Senegal but now lives in Germany, has demanded that German law be revised so that Thilo Sarrazin, and others like him, can be prosecuted. With the book he published last year, "Germany is Unmaking Itself", Sarrazin smashed the conspiracy of silence among the German elites about the effects Mohammedan immigration is having on their country. An attempt was made to prosecute Sarrazin but it fizzled out. The negro, Karamba Diaby, who is a Socialist politician and Chairman of German's Integration Council, calls this "completely unacceptable" and has submitted a petition to the German parliament demanding changes in the law.

According to this Algerian site, her name is supposedly Nafissatou Diallo. She is said to be an immigrant from either Guinea or Senegal. Her family have described her as a "devout Muslim". Wouldn't it be a delicious irony if Marine Le Pen got in next year because of this incident and then turned the heat up on the Muslims?

This fact might also give an interesting twist to some of the conspiracy theories that are starting to circulate. (According to this poll, 57% of the French think DSK was the victim of a plot.) Dominique Strauss-Kahn is partly Jewish. Presumably Muslims would not want the president of France to be Jewish out of fear that he would favour Israeli interests.
According to Peter Tatchell in the Guardian, it's all whitey's fault. No way? Yes, way. What's whitey been up to this time? Well, it seems we're responsible for encouraging animosity towards gay people in the third world:

These 46 homophobic Commonwealth countries account for more than half of the 76 countries in the world that still have a total prohibition on homosexuality, Nearly all the Commonwealth's anti-gay laws are the poisonous legacy of British colonialism. They were originally imposed by the British government in the 19th century, during the period of colonial rule – and never repealed when the former colonies won their freedom. The post-independence leaders retained the homophobic mindset of their colonial masters. Today, many of their countrymen and women absurdly proclaim that the legal proscription of homosexuality is an authentic expression of indigenous national culture and tradition.

Ali Dizaei, the Muslim former head of the Black Police Association, who was sentenced to four years in prison last year, has been released on bail pending an appeal against his conviction. Dizaei was charged with framing another Muslim who had built him a website but had been cheated out of payment for it. Now the Muslim who was framed has been convicted of benefit fraud and Dizaei's lawyers are arguing that his involvement in benefit fraud somehow taints the credibility of his testimony, creating grounds for an appeal.

This is totally absurd! Almost every Muslim in the country is involved in benefit fraud. If these grounds form a precedent, Muslim testimony in British courts would effectively become worthless because everything the Muslims say would be undermined by their involvement in fraud. Bizarrely, this would represent an inversion of sharia law, in which the testimony of infidels is held to be less valuable than that of a Muslim.

Dizaei was truly a nasty piece of work, who corruptly abused his power for years while playing the race card against anyone who challenged him. The Guardian was happy to offer him a platform to preach his anti-European hatred.
Monday, 16 May 2011
Surreal story from Germany. An 18-year-old Moroccan Muslim has committed a series of crimes to try to get himself deported from Germany back to Morocco. But the German authorities won't give him what he wants. First the Muslim stole stuff from a woman's handbag at a market; then he handed back what he had stolen and waited patiently with her till the police arrived. He explained to them that he had applied for asylum a month before but now just wanted to go home. As he was drunk, they took him to the cell, left him to sober up then just let him go. Not happy with this, he decided he would have to commit even more crimes before they deported him. So he smashed up some bicycles right in front of the police station, in full view of the policemen. He then spent a few more hours in custody and was given a caution. Afterwards, they let him go again. So, just outside of the police station, he picked up stones and threw them at passing cars. In response, the police found accommodation for him in a homeless shelter. They have contacted other authorities to see if anything can be done about him but say it is unlikely he will be deported.

Of course political correctness has caused many countries to refuse to implement voluntary repatriation schemes for third worlders. Enoch Powell used to highlight how many third-world immigrants would write to him explaining that they hadn't taken to life here and wanted to go home but couldn't afford it. Thanks to the influence of the Danish People's Party, Denmark now operates a vigorous voluntary repatriation programme and has got rid of thousands of useless third-worlders in this way. Britain, in fact, still has a number of voluntary repatriation schemes on the statute books but no publicity is given to them because of political correctness.


Via: PI
Various interesting bits and bobs of comment or information have emerged about this incident:

DSK rented the $3000 suite for one night despite having an apartment in Manhattan.

It has been said that DSK's "flight" from the hotel, leaving behind his mobile phone, indicated his guilt. In fact, DSK apparently phoned the hotel, saying he had left his mobile phone behind and asked them to arrange for it to be brought to him at the airport. The information that he was at the airport was passed to the police. That is the only reason they knew where to find him.

Apparently the police found scratch marks on DSK's torso.

The maid he supposedly assaulted is a negress, allegedly from Senegal.

The Guardian regrets the fact that DSK's downfall "plays into the hands of the far right". Haha! Yes, it does!

The French politician Bernard Debré (UMP) had some interesting things to say about the incident on his blog:

We need to stop the hypocrisy. It's not the first time DSK has indulged in this type of activity in the hotel. (...) It's happened several times, over several years. Everyone knows about it in the hotel. (...) The management knew about it but up till now didn't dare to say anything. They suppressed all the other incidents.

Bassam Tibi is a Syrian-born Muslim who moved to Germany, acquired German citizenship and became a professor of political science/international relations. He floated the concept of Euro-Islam, arguing that to become authentically European, Muslims in Europe had reform their understanding of their religion, abandoning concepts like sharia and the jihad. Now, in this interview he gave to the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung (my translation) he seems to admit that this was a forlorn hope.

Mr Tibi, when you look at the revolutions in North Africa, what predominates, concern or joy?

TIBI: In English they would say it’s a mixed bag: hope and concern. The hope lies in the fact that large parts of the Arab population are on the streets, articulating their unhappiness without fear. My concern, however, is that the islamists, for example in Egypt, are already preparing to take power in the name of democratisation. The islamist movements are the only ones that know what they want. During the time of repression, they were the only opposition, working in the background and with their power bases in Europe: in Germany, Britain and the Scandinavian countries.

In Austria too?

In Austria too. The Muslim Brotherhood have a massive presence and lots of power. They were protected by the constitution here.

Is it not possible to create a democratic state with the Muslim Brotherhood?

They are playing a double game: outwardly the talk is liberal and democratic; in their own circle they are intent on a Sharia state. But Sharia and democracy go together like oil and water. Although in a democracy undemocratic movements need to be integrated, one shouldn’t hand power over to them. We are seeing that now in Turkey.

In Turkey?

Turkey is formally a democratic country, where the government is democratically elected, but the governing party, the AKP, is not a democratic party, but rather an Islamist one that rules the country as in a one-party state. 163 Turkish journalists are in prison without due legal process. Whoever criticises the Prime Minister Recep Erdogan today will be arrested tomorrow. The AKP are implementing a creeping islamisation of the country using formally democratic means.

At the same time Turkey is forging a new axis with Iran.

Politically Turkey is becoming a regional power and it is important to have a connection with Iran. Turkey remains a member of NATO, and still wants to become a member of the EU. At the same time it is slowly drifting from the western alliance and building itself up as a regional power in the Middle East, one that is partly anti-western.

Would the EU be well-advised to offer Turkey the prospect of entry in order to prevent this alliance?

That is an incredibly naïve belief in Europe. People say that if Turkey would become a member of the European Union, Turkey would be democratised. But the EU is not a democratisation club. You fulfil the acceptance criteria or you don’t. Greece, too, became a member of the European single currency on the basis of falsified facts. And the EU doesn’t make the Greek economy better. That’s how it is with Turkey in relation to democracy. After the Wikileaks revelations we know this: Turkey’s foreign minister said privately we want to become a member of the EU the better to be able to spread Islam throughout Europe.

Are you completely against Turkey’s EU accession?

In 1998 I spoke out in favour of the accession. At that time the country was still not yet under Islamist rule. I still don’t say no but we need to observe very clearly what is happening there. If Turkey continues to be characterised by this tendency towards Islamism, Europeans should close the door. I don’t want a country controlled by islamists to break the EU like a Trojan horse.

President Abdullah Gül was in Austria on a state visit, and visited an islamist student union of all things. Is there something behind that?

Yes. When he was still foreign minister, Gül asked the German federal government to remove the Islamist movement “Milli Görüs” from the list of anti-constitutional and undemocratic movements. The German authorities pointed out to him that in a democracy, public authorities work independently. Gül didn’t understand that. When the former US President Bill Clinton had problems in the Lewinsky affair, the Syrian president asked the American ambassador why Clinton didn’t just have the prosecutor arrested. That’s exactly how Gül thinks.

20 years ago you invoked a Euro-Islam, a secular Islam that separates itself from the Sharia. Since then, have European Muslims come closer to this ideal?

I have supporters. Last year in Germany they founded a movement: the Association of European Democratic Muslims. I am not a one-man movement, but I have to say candidly that the islamists in Europe, also here in Austria, are stronger than we are. They have more money, more resources. The deceased interior minister Liese Prokop invited me to a dialogue with the former leader of the Muslim religious community. He explained that the association had come to the conclusion that my model had to be emphatically rejected. I said: “If you don’t want to have a European Islam, then you are not for integration.” I stood up and left in protest. You can’t have a serious discussion with these people.

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