Saturday, 30 April 2011
The Guardian has predictably picked up the story I blogged about yesterday involving quotas that were introduced to try and increase the number of white football players at football academies in France.

We know that lefties are constantly complaining that brown people are underrepresented in managerial positions or in politics and the like, or as students at Oxford as Dave absurdly claimed recently. They insist that whatever institution or profession they are targeting should "look like the country", and often hint that quotas for brown people may have to be introduced to make that a reality.

But look at any picture of a recent French national football team. Does it look like the country? No, it doesn't. France is pretty far gone, but it's not that far gone...yet. It's clearly difficult for French people to get fully behind their national team when it doesn't "look like the country". And there are indications that the lack of white players may, in part, be the result of prejudice. The brown-skinned former footballer, Vikash Dhorasoo, who played for the French national team, said this:

The little white guy who shows up finds himself in a scene where there are clans, gangs, and at a certain point he stops playing football because he sees that he has no place there, and that he's not going to be protected if there is a problem.

Because of this anti-white racism, and because the French football team no longer looks like France, it seems to me that the Guardianista crowd ought to be supportive of Laurent Blanc in his desire to introduce pro-white quotas into football, and should be calling for similar arrangements to be introduced in England and perhaps even extended to other forms of sport, too.

There was one interesting detail in the Guardian story. Apparently, until Laurent Blanc became the team manager, the French football team was eating only halal food! Blanc put a stop to it.


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