Monday, 11 April 2011

Italy got a hostile reception at today's EU meeting in Luxembourg. The Italians had asked for solidarity from their fellow EU members but got none. Austria threatened to re-introduce border controls. The Italian minister, Roberto Maroni, said he was left wondering whether it still made any sense for Italy to be part of the EU.

We're going to continue doing alone what we're doing. It's better to be alone than in bad company.

Italy has, however, signed a new agreement with Tunisia, under which Tunisia has agreed to take back any more Tunisians newly arriving on Lampedusa. The agreement does not apply to the 25,000 or so who have arrived already, though. Italy has already repatriated 50 Tunisians and plans to send back those who are still on Lampedusa.

Some of the savages apparently got wind of these plans and weren't too happy about it. They stood on the roof of the reception centre chanting "Freedom! Freedom!", demanding to be sent to the mainland. Later, they set fire to the building and some managed to escape the confined area.


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