Friday, 22 April 2011
Thilo Sarrazin, whose best-selling book Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab (German is Unmaking Itself), broke open the debate about Islam in Germany, remains a member of the left-leaning SPD party in the country. After a hearing in front of a party tribunal yesterday, the petitions to exclude him from the party were withdrawn.

Sarrazin apparently made a declaration that appropriately satisfied some of the concerns that had been raised about statements he had made.

In particular it does not correspond to my conviction to jeopardise equality of opportunity through selective assistance and training policies; as human beings, all children have the same great value.

My idea is not that these groups (immigrants), if some efforts are made and education policy is enhanced, cannot be integrated for genetic reasons.

Rather, he said, it was about "serious failings in immigration and integration and unfortunate trends in German demographics."

This was the second attempt to exclude Sarrazin from the SPD. Both have failed.



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