Thursday, 21 April 2011

The press secretary of the Russian immigration service, Konstantin Poltoranin, has been sacked for uttering unutterable truths.

Poltoranin was dismissed as the spokesman for the Federal Migration Service on Wednesday after he shared his views on interethnic relations in an interview with the BBC. “The survival of the white race is at stake,” Poltoranin said, adding that this problem is “palpable in Russia.”

The official said he did not understand policies of Western European countries which promote immigration from the Middle East and Africa. The situation in Russia should be different, he noted. Poltoranin said migrants use Russia as a transit on the way to the EU countries, and are not willing to integrate into Russian society.


The dismissed official said he was neither nationalist nor racist and, while speaking about “the white race,” he meant Europeans. Russia should not repeat the mistakes of the EU states, he noted, suggesting that “race mixing should be carried out in the right way.”


Video from VladTepes


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