Friday, 15 April 2011
Most people in the west, even if they won't admit it, recognise that third worlders, especially Muslim third worlders, are, basically, primitive savages. At some level of their mind, even Guardianistas would admit this. The prevalent view, however, even though unarticulated, is that these people are condemned to primitivism by harsh authoritarian governments that deny them freedom, information and education.

Contemplating events in Egypt, however, in which the newly liberated jihadists are attempting to aggressively impose their will on everyone else, prompts another thought: that the truth is the exact opposite. It is not authoritarian government that produces primitivism but primitivism that produces, indeed almost requires, authoritarian government.

Stupidity, savagery and evil are so deeply ingrained in the psyche of these people that if their wishes were authentically represented at government level, the government would have to implement disastrous policies that would inevitably provoke a violent response from its own outraged citizens and neighbours.

Anyone in a position of responsibility would quickly realise this. Therefore they would choose to suppress or limit democracy as the least bad option. This is one of the key reasons why Islam almost invariably produces authoritarian government.

You can see the same processes at work in Britain today. Britain has now lost many of the freedoms it once cherished specifically because third worlders, particularly Muslims, came to our country. Think of all the infringements that have been made in British freedom in recent decades: loss of free speech, loss of habeas corpus, control orders, de facto sharia blasphemy laws. Virtually all of these result from the presence of third worlders in our country. Sometimes freedom is suppressed to counter their savagery directly (as with control orders or lengthy periods of detention without trial); sometimes it is to accommodate the demands these savages make (as in the religious hatred laws) in the hope that their savagery will be less likely to be provoked; sometimes it is to suppress the indignant reaction of the British people to the effect these savages are having on their country (as in the incitement and racial hatred laws).

Whatever the reason, the principle is clear: wherever Islam spreads, freedom constricts. And the greater the proportion of Muslim savages amongst us, the greater the encroachments on our freedom will be. As the Muslim demographic becomes larger, Britain will ever more closely come to resemble the despotisms of the Middle East. It is inevitable. A government does not shape the character of its people; it is the people that shape the character of their government.


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