Monday, 18 April 2011

The controversial Piss Christ photograph, which depicted a crucifix immersed in urine, has been destroyed at a museum in Avignon. A group of young men, armed with picks and screwdrivers, apparently destroyed it early on Sunday morning. One other photograph by the same artist, Andres Serrano, was also destroyed. On Saturday, a group of around 1500 people marched in protest at the exhibition and the fact that it was being supported by public funds.

The museum has been closed but is due to re-open on Tuesday. It will continue to exhibit the photographs in their destroyed state.

It is worthy of note that this same photograph was exhibited in Avignon in 2007 without any noticeable reaction. Europeans are getting tired of seeing Muslim sensibilities pandered to and their own ignored, it seems.

Le Monde has some amusing quotes from the owner of the exhibition space:

I am persecuted by telephone. I've received 30,000 emails. I'm not exaggerating, 30,000 emails from fundamentalists ... This ignorance, this intolerance. It's the Middle Ages coming back big time.

Haha! Now can you imagine him saying the same thing if it was Muslims?


Johnny Rottenborough said...

At last, Christians with balls.

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