Friday, 8 April 2011
Although President Gbagbo is still ensconced in his bunker, it seems that the Muslims have now taken control virtually the whole of the Ivory Coast, including the capital, Abidjan, aided and abetted by the West, the UN and France, which has a small military force in the country.

New reports of Muslim massacres of Christians are coming in and new details are emerging about the ones already known.

Le Monde published some details about the massacre of 800-1000 at Duékoué, which had been previously reported.

All sources agree that the majority of the victims are male. Men and boys, sometimes aged between three and five years. This is confirmed by the accounts of survivors who tell of how the executioners sorted out the people, separating the men from the women. Some of the victims were killed by bullet, others by machete, struck or burned alive.

Anyone familiar with the history of Muslim warfare will be in no doubt that the women were taken away to be raped.

More massacre stories are coming in. There are also reports that the Muslims fired on a cathedral in San Pedro, killing 10 people.


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