Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Graffitti has been sprayed on a mosque in Birkenhead. The messages read:

“Islam = Murder"


"Britain for the British"

As you might expect, tackling this outrageous thought crime is a major priority for Plod. A police spokeman said:

Merseyside Police do not tolerate any form of racist beheviour and would urge anyone who has any information on hate crime to contact us.

Again, this shows the massive political indoctrination that our police have been subjected to. Not all forms of racist behaviour are crimes. If a white person decides to marry only another white person, or a brown Hindu of Indian descent decides to marry only another brown Hindu of Indian descent, this is racist behaviour. It is not a crime. It is not for the police to make blanket statements like "[We] do not tolerate any form of racist behaviour".

More interesting than the article itself was the comment beneath it in the Wirral Globe:

I was also born and bred in this area.I would never ever condone this sort of racial hatred.

However, the Asian community who use this mosque show no signs of integrating with their fellow-residents of Wirral. Month after month additional families move in to what was once an all-white lower middle class area of Birkenhead known as Clifton Park. I hate to use the words "little Calcutta" but to many this is just as the area now seems. Surely this can't be good for race relations, with a growing number of immigrant families concentrated on such a small area.

Furthermore, the secrecy surrounding the conversion of a council-owned building (Beechcroft in Whetstone Lane) into a mosque in itself arouses suspicion. Why is its cost (after all, it is owned by all the people of Wirral, not just the tiny Muslim community) not allowed to be published on the grounds of 'commercial sensitivity'?

This whole issue needs to be addressed before we allow a major race relations problem to develop in front of our eyes.

Sorry if this sounds barking mad - I am not BNP or anything like it. I just love my home town and am very concerned about these developments.

Sound familiar?


Via PI (Amusing to learn about something happening in Britain from a German blog)

Meanwhile, the head of a pig has recently been deposited at a mosque in Charleroi, Belgium. Beside it was a note saying: Here lies Mohammed.


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