Saturday, 16 April 2011

There was some interesting information about the migrant backgrounds of the leaders of all Britain's major political parties in this otherwise worthless article from the taqiyya-specialist and kuffar-despiser Mehdi Hasan in the Guardian:

Nick Clegg's Dutch mother, Hermance van den Wall Bake, met his half-Russian father, Nicholas, on a visit to England in 1956. Ed Miliband's parents fled the Holocaust and arrived on these shores as refugees. His father Ralph caught the last boat to Britain before Belgium was overrun by the Nazis; his mother Marion arrived from Poland in 1947, aged 12 and unable to speak English. Meanwhile, David Cameron's great-great-grandfather, Emile Levita, a German-Jewish financier, came to this country as a migrant in the 1850s and obtained British citizenship in 1871.

Note Ralph was not the real name of the Milibands' father at all. It was Adolphe. He apparently pledged himself to socialism at the grave of Karl Marx and is buried close to that spot today. He became a prominent Marxist theorist. Interestingly, his father, Sam, apparently faced removal from Britain at the end of the Second World War, despite his claims that he would face anti-semitism if returned to Belgium. This history may well colour the views the Milibands have on asylum-seeking today.

With these kinds of exotic origins, it is hardly surprising that our political elite cannot relate to the concerns of ordinary British people who feel that they are being dispossessed of their country and their heritage.


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