Monday, 18 April 2011

I posted yesterday about the great success of the True Finns party in the recent Finnish elections. Although I knew they were generally anti-immigration and anti-Islam, I didn't know they had a leading Counterjihad activist in their own ranks, or that he has now been elected to the Finnish parliament.

The man in question is Jussi Halla-aho. He runs a popular Finnish-language blog, Scripta, which is said to be the most-read political blog in Finland, and has also posted at the leading Counterjihad blog Gates of Vienna. Halla-aho was previously prosecuted and convicted for correctly describing the con man Mohammed as a paedophile and for making a negative generalisation about Somalis to illustrate the hypocrisy of an establishment that is happy to entertain negative generalisations about Finns or other Europeans but not brown people.

He is shown speaking in this older news clip about the growth of immigrant ghettoes in Finland.

I will listen to Sibelius' Complete Symphonies today to celebrate the success of the True Finns:

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