Tuesday, 19 April 2011
Lauren Booth, the sister-in-law of Tony Blair, has claimed that Israel was behind the recent murders of Juliano Mer Khamis and Vittorio Arrigoni, two dhimmi peace activists in the "Occupied Territories".

It is no coincidence then that both Juliano and Vittorio should die within two weeks. Both, at the hands of unknown Palestinian ‘cells.’ As they say on children’s TV – tell us boys and girls what’s wrong with this picture?

Israel’s supporters will doubtless feel affronted at the assertion that Vittorio was murdered by those almost certainly in the pay of the Jewish State. But they can’t have their dark ops cake and eat it too. Not this time. Too many of us have our eyes open to the filthy tactics employed by Israel every time they come under intellectual attack. And there is no doubt that Israeli Apartheid is losing traction by the day.

Still unsure who was behind Vittorio’s murder? Well, how often have the Israeli press lauded and applauded ‘covert ops’ in the Occupied Territories?

What a sad bitch. It really is quite extraordinary to see the entrancing power that this evil ideology has over people.




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