Monday, 11 April 2011

This is the appropriate response to the Koran burning arrests.

It is curious that this latest arrest of Sion Owens for Koran burning has attracted so much attention, presumably because it involves the BNP. Daniel Hannan blogs about it in the Telegraph here (says Owens is a "total dick" but shouldn't be prosecuted); as does the Thing, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, here (doesn't come out and explicitly say whether she supports the prosecution or not but her entire article is an extended apologia for censorship so I think we can assume that she does).

But this is not the first arrest for Koran-burning in Britain. A Carlisle EDL supporter was charged with burning the Koran a few weeks ago. A 15-year old schoolgirl was charged with burning the Koran in November last year. Prosecutors in France are asking for three months' imprisonment to be imposed on a French man who burned and urinated on the Koran last October.

Thanks to the internet, it is simply impossible for governments to effectively clamp down on mass Koran burning. This has the potential to become an unstoppable wave of public protest throughout the western world against our governments kow-towing to the Muslims, a YouTube revolution that would stand as a western equivalent of the so-called Facebook revolution in the Middle East. They are revolting for the right to assert their own savagery. We must revolt for the right to resist it.

We need more and more Koran burnings until the authorities are overwhelmed, the principle of free speech is affirmed and the Muslims realise we are not going to give in to their evilness.


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