Thursday, 28 April 2011
The British Geert Wilders may have been found. He is currently standing as a UKIP candidate in Leicester.

Extracts from his blog:

Campaigning in Leicester recently, I have been shocked to discover the quanta of those from Islamic backgrounds on one form of a benefit to another. Islamic culture inherently rejects the Western way of life, more specifically the Protestant work ethic that has successfully built the economies of the West. It is also fundamentally socially intolerant, closing itself off to the rest of society and local communities and forming ghettos that are economically dysfunctional and ethically espouse, perhaps without realising it, intolerance that undermines both social and human capital.

For large numbers of Muslims to be coming into the country on William Hague’s plan must send alarm bells running in the heads of those few who are, now, even moderately patriotic in the Conservative party and in other parts of the country (UKIP are a million miles ahead of the other parties on this issue). The beauty of the English countryside made so picturesque by the steeples of churches and pleasant fields, so elegantly espoused by Blake and others, stands to be debilitated by gargantuan mosques that are spouting within their closed doors ideology that would make any rational human being, with an iota of sense, in the Enlightened West feel queasy. At present, as the pubs run dry and empty under the smoking ban and the mosques continue to fill, the debate has to move from the mere niceties of tolerance towards a fundamental political effort towards saving the national identity. This requires courage and I ask all of us that love this country and its unique heritage of freedom not to ignore, particularly as the Muslim birth rate in the UK is continuing to rise and the potential for dependency on benefits may become generational within that community due to its self-imposed social exclusion. Further there continues to be a proliferation of the intoleration that Islamic ideology has brought into our country, that incidents of gay bashing in the Tower Hamlets demonstrate.

The increase of Islam in the UK is going to be a problem for the welfare state. For example, unemployment among Moroccan and Turkish communities in the Netherlands is higher than the national average: (2006 study by The Netherland's Social and Cultural Planning Office). In the UK, the important Institute from Public Policy Research study showed that immigrants from many Muslim countries (especially Somalia, Turkey, Bangladesh and Iran) are far less likely to be employed and claim benefits than those from non-muslim nations such as Zimbabwe, Poland and India. The UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission’s own figures show: “Half of Muslim men and three quarters of Muslim women are unemployed in the UK". Muslim husbands in the UK with more than one wife to get extra benefits as ministers recognise polygamy (original source Taxpayers’ Alliance). Further a recent study of the 70,000 strong Somali immigrant community in the London Borough of Camden showed unemployment of over 75%. Actual unemployment in war torn failed state Somalia itself, is 47%. A removal of multi-culturalism, and assimilation of these people needs to done to save them from the abyss of exclusion and welfare. Above all, one should not shy away of contemplating deportation for new arrivals who do not work, or threatening it to further assimilation and an effort to find work.

The courageous Geert Wilder’s in Holland has understood the link between Islamification of his country and the increase in intoleration in his homeland. A theological system that fundamentally encourages discrimination between those who believe it and those who don’t, treating the latter as second-class citizens, is backward. A system that treats women as slaves without chains is morally flawed and degenerate in its treatment of women. Cultural practices in many parts of the world which include child marriages and the death penalty for practising homosexuality are reminders that man is capable of going back to the dark ages very quickly. As the classic Channel 4 documentary ‘Undercover mosque’ showed, these cultural habits are espoused passionately in mosques in this country. Cameron and others do nothing to swat this fly on its head. Why should Britain, the country that fathered the modern world, put up with this, as Wilder’s put it, ‘retarded ideology’. We do not need to ban the Koran as Wilder’s suggests, but we do need to put such ideas to the sword through the vehicle of rational debate and exercise our legislative competence in Parliament to curb them. This our media and politicians have not done so far, allowing this ideology, that suffocates its own followers, to proliferate. If we cannot emancipate them to reason, and into mainstream education and society, how can we deal with the extraordinarily high rate of unemployment and lack of opportunities amongst these people and curb the increasing burden on the welfare state?

This is one fight for which I, as a member of UKIP, am not going to shy away from. I will fight this growth of intoleration and social ostracisation of Islam that is harming this country and its people (Muslims included), whose historically proven attributes of tolerance, creativity, kindness and moving generosity are at risk from the proliferation of this ideology. It will be possible to win this fight, I believe, as the one we have launched against the tyranny of the European Union, as no people on earth love liberty as much as us British.

He is an Indian! His name is Abhijit P.G. Pandya. This may actually be helpful, however, as it makes it impossible for the establishment to accuse him of racism.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who takes the trouble to read the Quran, Study the Sunnah and Sharia and read the biographies of Muhammad by Ishaq, Tabari and Kathir, will come to realise that Islam is a far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism, Communism and the Hordes of Genghis Khan ever were. Stuart Parsons

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